The role of a scrum master in tourism’s digital transformation

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In tourism, the scrum master is a decisive figure who combines the areas of business and technology. The key is communication. But what is a scrum master? And what are we referring to when we talk about this new professional position in high demand with companies that come to the Costa del Sol looking for the best services

The term, another name for it could be ‘facilitator’, refers to the mastery of an expert figure within team interactions regarding digital transformation. In other words, a scrum master is a leader who solves problems, moderates conversations and motivates the group to reach a consensus, generally related to business objectives and tech innovations. To some extent, this person acts as an interpersonal moderator, minimising communication errors, as well as acting as an adviser and intermediary.

To help you understand it more clearly, let’s give a real example of understanding the relationship between business and technology in the Costa del Sol. Recently, more than 10, 000 points of tourist interest were collected by the Diputación de Málaga in order to create a new website where users can access these resources in a simple and digitised way.

Below, we explain some of the functions of a scrum master applied to the tourism sector as well as the main qualities they should possess.  


The scrum master: roles


1. Communication

The fundamental task of a scrum master is to mediate, in other words, facilitate communication, and clarify potential doubts or misunderstandings that could arise. The result? Coherence. In tourism, when it comes to making business ideas a reality using technology, it can give rise to a gap in understanding, and vice versa, when technology is used to propose new business ideas. Topics such as the application of the metaverse on trips, AI for corporate events and hybrid events need to be addressed from this unified perspective.       


2. Time optimisation

The facilitator proposes methods of agile work, meaning fast and efficient ways of working. This reduces the risk of customers choosing the competition over your company due to not finding the service they need when they need it. If tourists want to book a hotel online without any fuss, for example, but the accommodation that meets all their requirements doesn’t offer this booking system, they are likely to go with another business that has already taken this step with technology. Head to the Costa del Sol for your next trip and see for yourself how easy it is to plan.   

what is a scrum master


3. Minimising and solving problems

Despite everything, digital transformation can bring challenges and well coordinated solutions need to be applied in these moments. The scrum master is there to make this possible. The Costa del Sol is working on several approaches to tourism modernisation that help minimise potential issues. Amongst these are development and consulting, digital promotion and technological tourism products.  


Qualities of a good scrum master


  • Social skills and team leader

As the role of a scrum master mainly consists of making communication easier between company departments, they must have team leadership skills, in person and also online on social media sites.


  • Project management

A scrum master also needs to act fluidly and seamlessly when it comes to coordinating and thinking up proposals, ideas, and plans between the technological and business areas of a company. This is why their role in project management is fundamental.


  • Wanting to help and open to change 

Willing to help and openness to change creates a trustworthy safe space for expressing opinions, proposing ideas, growing and lastly, communicating. This leads to greater profits for a company, but without losing sight of people’s wellbeing. A team’s dynamics have to live up to the ambitions of cutting-edge tourism marketing and innovation trends.


  • Be disruptive

The facilitator has to break from the establishment to reach extraordinary goals. Currently, this ‘disruptive’ trend can be seen not only within the most sought after professional job roles, but also within the very nature of tourism and corporate events held in the Costa del Sol. In fact, Malaga is currently the top city for technology companies.

In the end, this innovative position within a company, requested to streamline work methods in tourism, can turn out to be crucial for the success of a project. Just like the branches of a tree that communicate with one another, the scrum master connects, finely tunes, and straightens things out. Because, without communication, there’s no adapting to life. 

Now you know what a scrum master is and how they can help you reach excellence, why not check out our business portal and have access to tourism resources that the Costa del Sol can offer you. 

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