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Jan 01, 1970

Food and wine in Costa del Sol: the essentials of every region

Costa del Sol is rich in flavour! From the Mediterranean coast all the way to its interior villages, there are plenty of local dishes just waiting for you to taste. To experience ...

Jul 08, 2020

Plan your outdoor events in Costa del Sol

Unlike most destinations, outdoor events in Costa del Sol are a safe bet! In addition to having great, sunny weather all year long (with temperatures averaging at 20℃), this ...

Jun 29, 2020

Family restaurants in Costa del Sol you don’t want to miss

We all like to eat well! And when we get to do it in a beautiful restaurant, we like it even more. That said, when you’re travelling with young children, finding a nice restaurant ...

Jun 23, 2020

Romance in Malaga: Watch the sunset in Costa del Sol

Every beautiful day in Costa del Sol ends with a beautiful sunset. Grab your special someone and experience it together! When you do, you’ll instantly feel more relaxed, tranquil ...

Jun 21, 2020

Cultural tourism in Costa del Sol: Roman archaeological sites

The Romans left a notable mark on the province of Malaga, which we can still see in what’s left of different causeways, villas, hot springs, theatres, aqueducts and more today. ...

Jun 17, 2020

Mijas beach: Costa del Sol will surprise you

In addition to being one of Costa del Sol’s most charming villages, Mijas is known for its gem-worthy beaches. Here, the perfect combination of beaches, Mother Nature, sunny days, ...

Jun 17, 2020

The health benefits of playing golf

Having you been thinking about learning how to play golf? Did you used to play and want to get back into it? Do it! There are many physical and mental health benefits of playing ...

Jun 17, 2020

Sotogrande golf getaway: discover the area’s exclusive golf courses

There are few places in the world like Sotogrande! Bathed by the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea and caressed by Levante breezes, this part of Spain is known for its ...

Jun 17, 2020

Golf holidays in Costa del Sol: so much more than golf

Dubbed “Costa del Golf” because it has the highest concentration of golf courses in all of continental Europe, Costa del Sol has become a top international destination for golf ...

Jun 10, 2020

Torremolinos beach: have the family trip of a lifetime

Just imagine: fine sand beaches, a hot day under a swaying palm, water sports, relaxing activities and plenty of ways to entertain you and your loved ones just steps from the ...

Jun 09, 2020



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