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Jan 01, 1970

What are smart destinations and why is Malaga one?

Today more than ever before, the tourism sector is facing countless challenges. The biggest travel destinations in the world (including Spain and Malaga) have therefore found ...

Oct 28, 2020

Bleisure: the trend that is revolutionising business trips

The travellers who are combining business trips with a couple of extra days of fun are part of an internationally booming trend in the tourism sector. Yes, we’re talking about ...

Oct 19, 2020

Catering in Malaga: protective measures against COVID-19

The success of an event is due, in large part, to the catering service. In these unprecedented times, the MICE sector is facing numerous challenges to meet the new safety measures ...

Oct 15, 2020

The learning trip is the newest and most popular type of incentive trip: why?

Over recent years, the term “learning trip” has become popular within the corporate travel and business tourism sectors. However, and though its name might suggest otherwise, this ...

Oct 06, 2020

Hybrid events: combining the best of the virtual and physical worlds

Although it has hit tourism hard, the COVID-19 pandemic has also been a breath of fresh air for the events sector. Faced with our new way of living, event planners have got ...

Oct 05, 2020

The best event venues in Malaga: celebrate immersed in nature

The Costa del Sol enjoys gorgeous weather 365 days a year, making spending time outside an absolute joy. Professionals working in the Malaga event sector recommend outdoor venues. ...

Oct 01, 2020

How to organize an event: hire a DMC agency

Want to know how to organize an event for your company that attendees will love? To make an event shine, organizers need time, attention to detail and a lot of knowledge about ...

Sep 11, 2020

Costa del Sol events: a “trendy” destination for the MICE sector

Ask any event planner and they’ll tell you—when it comes to planning events, the choice of environment, space and atmosphere are key. The events sector has undergone a revolution ...

Sep 10, 2020

Innovation in events: technology is critical

In the last decade, technology has drastically changed not only how events are organized, but how attendees experience them, too! Innovation in events can be seen all over, from ...

Sep 04, 2020

The best team-building activities in Costa del Sol

Team building is essential to promoting team spirit and respect among company employees. By engaging in different interactive games and activities, groups of colleagues can have ...

Sep 01, 2020



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