Innovation in events: technology is critical

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In the last decade, technology has drastically changed not only how events are organized, but how attendees experience them, too! Innovation in events can be seen all over, from mobile applications that help organizers manage an event or meeting to video mapping devices, drones and streaming. Read below to find out more about some of the main technological advances used in innovative events in Costa del Sol today.

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Online or hybrid events

"During these months of hiatus due to the health crisis, many companies have taken the opportunity to catch up, technologically speaking,” says Andrés Pacheco, CEO of the Malaga-based company, Isoluz - audiovisual engineering, which is dedicated to engineering corporate and social events. 

And while streaming isn’t technically a novelty, it’s still a newer addition to the events sector. 

“Today, Costa del Sol is a fully-capable destination with different options for event organizers, like face-to-face events, hybrid event scenarios (available for both attendees and speakers who can’t physically be at an event) and totally virtual events. A small group can even attend an event in person while the rest attend virtually, or you can have all guests attend virtually while an emcee or Master of Ceremonies is the only one onsite.” 

According to Pacheco, Isoluz has also been innovative with its cleaning methods, which is critical these days. “We’ve incorporated a system for sanitizing spaces to guarantee any and all viruses are destroyed."

Technology in the MICE sector

Large companies that bring their events to Malaga capital and surrounding Costa del Sol have started to take advantage of the latest technological advances. These include:

Fogscreens: Projects images on air, through a special white fog, to create an attractive viewer experience 

Video mapping: Projects images and visual elements on a building or a physical map to create an impressive 3D effect

Drones: Uses mobility and advanced video and photo capabilities to film, broadcast live or capture aerial shots and videos of conferences and events

Innovative events in Málaga


Interactive floor: Projects images on the floor so that guests can step on and interact with them 

Holograms: Fashionable technology, primarily used for product presentations, that uses light to create what seems like real life, 3D images and personifications


Benefits of technology in events

While technology often costs a lot upfront, it always saves businesses a lot of money in the long run. Furthermore, there is no doubt that innovative technology adds to the overall guest experience at any event. But there are many more benefits of innovation in events, including: being able to expand your audience, streamline basic processes (like ticket purchases or accreditations), share content and then make that content go viral through various social networks. It goes without saying that technology not only helps event organizers plan and execute an event, but also evaluate the success and results of an event, in great detail, after it’s all over

Innovative events in Costa del Sol


With plenty of venues, conference centres, DMCs, transportation and accommodation options and more, Costa del Sol has everything you need to plan your next innovative event. Visit the Costa del Sol Convention Bureau website to find out more about the latest technology available in this impressive destination.

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