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Jan 01, 1970

The best apps for playing golf

We all know that the technological advances that the 21st century has brought with it have not left us indifferent. And therefore neither has sport, including golf. This sport is ...

Jun 11, 2021

Golf for Beginners: 4 tips you need to know

Do you want to get started in the world of golf? If the answer to this question is "yes"; read on because we are ready to help you with the most important golf tips for beginners.

May 26, 2021

Golf courses in Malaga: 9 courses close to the great city

Nestled between the sea and the mountains, with 325 days of sun a year and average annual temperatures around 20°C, Malaga is the ideal destination for a golfing holiday all year ...

Apr 28, 2021

World-class design: the golf courses in the Costa del Sol

With its incredible weather and 70+ world-class golf courses, the Costa del Golf is a truly unique destination for lovers of the game. Internationally renowned golf architects ...

Apr 23, 2021

Golf stance: tips to help you adopt the right position

In this video, sports technician Javier Varela explains exactly how to get in the right position before hitting your driver. As soon as you improve your stance, you will see an ...

Apr 20, 2021

Avoid falling into the most common golf swing errors with these tips

Whether you have been playing golf for years or have just started your journey in the sport, the swing is one of the most important elements in your game. Mastering this move will ...

Apr 20, 2021

Costa del Sol or Costa del Golf: where leisure and sport are a lifestyle

Situated in a beautiful part of Spain, the province of Malaga offers both visitors and residents a slice of paradise defined by sun, sea and sand. With a reputation for its great ...

Apr 15, 2021

Golf shafts: how to pick the right one for you

It’s not quite as simple as getting out on the course and playing. Just as hikers scaling the Malaga mountains need perfectly fitting boots, golfers need the right set of clubs. ...

Apr 14, 2021

5 golf books that will help you improve your technique and fall in love with the sport

Golf is all about exercising, spending time with friends and breathing in the fresh air; but to really make the most of your time on the course, you have to understand the history ...

Mar 22, 2021

Golf driver tips: 3 pointers for perfect alignment

If you’re looking to improve your golf technique, you’re in the right place. Golf pro Jimmy Martin shares his expertise, giving you three tips on how to align yourself in relation ...

Mar 16, 2021



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