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Jan 01, 1970

Get on the Green: The most impressive golf courses in Marbella

With 16 golf courses spread across its beautiful landscapes, Marbella is home to the highest concentration of golf courses in all of Spain. If you’re a fan of the sport, come ...

Feb 25, 2020

The best golf tournaments in Costa del Sol in 2020

Do you love golf? If so, you need to golf in Costa del Sol. Regarded as one of the top destinations for golf by avid golfers all over the world, Costa del Sol is the destination ...

Feb 21, 2020

Golf Coast, a paradise for golfers

Costa del Sol is not by chance known as Costa del Golf. More than 70 golf courses, lots of schools, the best climate in Europe and exceptional land, sea and air connections make ...

Jul 06, 2018

Summer golf tournaments at Costa del Golf

That the Costa del Sol’s nick name is Costa del Golf is not by chance. This place is one of the main destination for every golf lovers, thanks to its more than 70 first level golf ...

Jun 11, 2018

Practise your golf swing at Costa del Sol

With the arrival of good weather it comes also the best moment for learning to play golf, but you need to learn some basic concepts to do it well. Don't worry if you are a novel ...

May 23, 2018

Stars at Costa del Golf’s courses

With more than 70 first level golf courses, Costa del Sol has become the first destination for golf lovers all around the world. The called ‘Costa del Golf’ is a reference in ...

Apr 06, 2018

Four tips to play golf at Costa del Sol

Are you thinking about playing golf at Costa del Sol? If you are, we give you some tips to get a perfect game and enjoy your experience at this destination. Look at these ...

Mar 28, 2018

Five golf courses in Costa del Sol which are a must

Golf’s lovers can find at Costa del Sol more than 70 golf courses to practise this sport. Marbella, Estepona, Mijas and Benahavís have most of them, although there are other very ...

Mar 19, 2018

Learn to play golf at Costa del Sol

Learn to play golf at Costa del Sol and enjoy a unique sport at a stunning environment. Even if you are not an expert at playing golf, you will live an amazing experience at the ...

Feb 26, 2018

Women are conquering golf at Costa del Sol

Golf at Costa del Sol is one of the touristic sectors that raises more money every year. With more than 70 courses, this destination has the highest golf density in all ...

Feb 19, 2018



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