Golf clubs: Which one should you use?

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To really enjoy golf, you need to know how to play! And part of being able to play the game is choosing the right golf club for a given shot. There are many different types of golf clubs, separated only by the material they are made out of and the skillset of the player using it. Most golf courses in Costa del Sol offer equipment rental services, so feel free to experiment with all of the different clubs on the market. Find out more about what types to start with below.


Golf clubs, by material

Wooden golf clubs (for long distances)

Wooden golf clubs are the most difficult clubs to use, and are used for maximum hitting power and distance. Despite their name, most of these golf clubs manufactured today are actually made of steel or titanium. They are shaped with a large head and a long rod (both of which allow for more speed), and fall under two categories—wood 1 (or “drivers”) and “street woods.” The driver, which is used for the farthest shots, is the longest, most powerful golf club, as well as the most expensive to buy and most difficult to use. “Street woods” are numbered from 2 to 11 and are designed for long strokes.


Iron golf clubs (for delicate and approach shots)

Iron clubs are usually used for medium-distance shots. Made out of iron (surprise!), they give players better control of the ball and are better at working with certain obstacles, like tall grass. There are nine different types of iron clubs. Irons 1 through 4 are used for distances of up to 190 metres and are the most difficult to use. Irons 6 through 8 are used for distances of up to 140 metres, and finally, iron 9 is used to hit golf balls distances of up to 110 metres.


Putter (to tap the ball in the hole)

The putter is used when your ball is already on the green and you just need to tap it into the hole. There are three types of putters—a blade putter (which has a flat head), a mallet putter (which has a long-rounded head) and a heel-toe putter (which has most of its weight on the tip and heel of the club).


Hybrid clubs

Hybrid golf clubs are a mix of wooden and iron clubs. They are very modern, light and easy to use. They are most like iron clubs in terms of material and length, but are easier to handle like wooden clubs and similar to them in volume.

golf club set



Golf clubs, according to player:

For beginners

Beginner golf clubs are used to correct incorrect play. For new players, golf clubs with graphite rods are recommended, as they are lighter and better at absorbing the vibration of failed strokes than steel clubs. Also, because these clubs are lighter in weight, there is less risk of injury from hitting the ball. It’s important to note that many beginners start with a half set of clubs, typically a sand wedge, some irons (9, 7 and 5), a wood 3 and a putter. By only using a half set, picking the right club is easier to figure out.


For intermediate players

Clubs that are perfect for intermediate players are those that give more freedom to experiment with their swing and power. Depending on their golf skills and experience, it’s recommended for players at this level to start with a set of steel or graphite golf clubs and to play with a full set of clubs that accommodates all distances.


For professionals

These clubs meet more uniform weight requirements, giving players equal footing on the golf course.


A complete set of golf clubs includes the following:

  •  A driver, for output.
  •  Woods 3 and 5, or a wood 3 and 1 hybrid stick.
  •  Irons 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, to cover different distances.
  •  A pitching wedge (PW) or 10 iron.
  •  A sand wedge (SW), for short shots and shots from bunkers.


Along with these three categories of golf clubs by player, there are also clubs made specifically for women. In addition to being adjusted to female body types, these clubs are slightly lighter and shorter and come with more flexible rods and finer grips than those designed for men. Outside of those, there are also golf clubs for children (they are even shorter and lighter), and clubs for left-handed players. Many players choose to tailor their golf clubs, as each person has different physical characteristics and playing techniques. If that’s you, you’re in luck! Many golf courses in Costa del Sol have golf shops that can tailor golf club sets to their members and clients. Come discover Costa del Golf, and you’ll find even more reasons why it’s one of the top destinations for golfers from Europe and beyond.

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