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Jan 01, 1970

A luxury and wellness oasis: hotels with included spa

With its Mediterranean ambiance and sunny climate, the Costa del Sol emerges as an idyllic setting for those seeking luxury and serenity.

This paradise is home to renowned hotels

Apr 17, 2024

Costa del Sol in 2024: five essential places to visit

2024 promises to be an exceptional time to explore the beautiful Costa del Sol.

With its attractive beaches, picturesque landscapes, rich history and culture, and delicious ...

Jan 09, 2024

Enjoy the Christmas of your dreams on the Costa del Sol

Christmas is the perfect time to enjoy a little luxury in the company of family and friends. Go on that trip you’ve been so looking forward to, dine out at the hottest restaurant, ...

Jan 02, 2024

Discover the most fun New Year’s Eve festivities on the Costa del Sol

One of the most special nights of the year is right around the corner, New Year's Eve. It invites us to reflect on everything we have experienced during the year and to celebrate ...

Dec 29, 2023

Christmas on the Costa del Sol: plans that make it even more special

Christmas is a magical time that includes family plans to create wonderful memories. And what better place to celebrate this time of the year than the Costa del Sol?

In the ...

Dec 26, 2023

Explore magical villages that sparkle with Christmas charm

Christmas is a magical time, and the province of Malaga is an idyllic setting for couples' tourism, as it offers romantic experiences to fully enjoy the festive spirit of the ...

Dec 14, 2023

Five villages where you can unwind in the Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol is the perfect place to enjoy some rural tourism. The villages populating the inland are a treat for all the senses. Whitewashed façades, sunsets, tapas bars and ...

Sep 12, 2023

Discover the food festivals in the province of Malaga this September

It’s September and in the Costa del Sol this means only one thing: food fairs and festivals. These events are the perfect opportunity to set off on an exploration of the small, ...

Sep 06, 2023

Eight ideas for spring getaways you’ll love in the Costa del Sol

Everything is more intense in spring, including holidays. At this time of the year, our senses are heightened: you won't be able to help yourself from falling in love with the ...

Apr 28, 2023

Genalguacil: the museum town with a lot to offer

Thinking of a getaway that combines the outdoors, culture, gastronomy and nature? You'll want to put this picturesque village in the province of Málaga on your travel bucket list. ...

Dec 12, 2022


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