Rural MICE: 4 Ideas for Organizing Events in Nature

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The growing popularity of choosing natural settings for events, as evidenced by the Rural MICE trend, highlights the appreciation for the benefits that nature contact brings in every aspect, both personally and professionally.

Therefore, we invite you to explore effective ideas for organizing these types of meetings and suggest the Costa del Sol as a rural paradise for hosting them.

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Proposals from Rural MICE to Enjoy Corporate Events

The demand for natural spaces for hosting meetings, conventions, incentives, or team-building programs is on the rise.

But where can the ideal venue for these events be found? Here, we present our recommendations:

Total Immersion in Biodiversity: MICE Events in Natural Settings

An excellent way to hold meetings in a natural setting is to book a rural accommodation. Initially designed for rural tourism, many of these places offer halls or outdoor areas suitable for corporate events.

These rural retreats offer the perfect environment and activities for guests to disconnect from their routine. They are ideal for company meetings or training sessions. Examples of rural accommodations include Cortijo de Cortes in the "Golden Mile," Cortijo "La Organic," or "El Romeral de Antequera."

Rural MICE

Historic Buildings to Impress Your Guests

A more sophisticated alternative, which usually requires a larger budget, involves hosting your meeting or event in an iconic building, such as a castle, a monastery, or a historic estate. These venues typically lie in secluded or rural areas, boasting open spaces, terraces, and gardens enveloped by lush nature.

This option is perfect for high-level meetings or gatherings with important clients, And also allows for hosting events with a large number of guests.

Examples include Castillo de Monda, Castillo Sohail, or Palacio Limonar.

Agricultural Settings: An Unmatched Gastronomic Experience

Another alternative for MICE events in rural settings is to choose a farm, vineyard, winery, or olive plantation. These places have extensive outdoor areas that can be transformed into the perfect setting for a memorable event. Additionally, many of them are equipped with halls designed for this purpose.

Such spaces have become increasingly popular for corporate events where gastronomy plays a key role. They are also ideal for team integration activities that combine meetings with games or workshops, such as tastings, cooking classes, or making local products like liqueurs, oils, or cheeses.

One of the most successful options in this category is wine tourism, and the Costa del Sol offers a wide range of experiences of this kind, such as visits to wineries, grape harvests, wine tastings, or gastronomic pairings. Some of the options include: Señoría de Lepanto, Hacienda Bodeguera, Bodegas Nilva, Escaramujo Wines, among others.

mice rural

Nature in Its Purest Form to Recharge Energies

If the main goal of the meeting is to connect with nature, there is nothing better than choosing a natural enclave, such as the Montes de Málaga Natural Park or the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes Natural Site.

Organizing an event in these special places is a privilege and therefore they are reserved for incentive trips at truly special moments. Enjoying breathtaking views, exploring unique natural environments, and observing local fauna and flora are experiences that will help attendees disconnect from the routine and immerse themselves in an incomparable experience in the heart of nature.

Rural MICE for Your Events on the Costa del Sol

In conclusion, Rural MICE is a trend that offers the opportunity to organize corporate events in natural settings. Whether in rural accommodations, historic buildings, agricultural environments, or the wild nature, these options provide unique experiences that promote creativity, well-being, and connection with the environment.

The Costa del Sol is waiting to make your rural event a reality!

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