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Jan 01, 1970

Reap the rewards of the internet of things

The internet of things (IoT) describes daily objects that are connected to the internet, making them smarter, and thus our lives easier. Lights, thermostats, blinds, locks and ...

Oct 06, 2021

How to improve your digital reputation

 As digitisation has become a part of our lives, it has also become intrinsic to the tourist industry. In this context, you might have come across the concept of digital reputation

Oct 05, 2021

Design thinking. Five steps to generate new and innovative ideas

Design thinking is a methodology that facilitates problem solving and the design and development of all sorts of products and services in a concrete context. It is used by highly ...

Sep 07, 2021

Big data for companies: a technological revolution

Big data is a term that describes extremely large data sets. This data is either structured or unstructured and companies are flooded with it every day. But when it comes to big ...

Sep 01, 2021



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