Google arrives on the Costa del Sol: new cybersecurity centre

On 29th November, an unprecedented event took place on the Costa del Sol: Google opened its new cybersecurity centre in Malaga, specifically at Muelle Uno.

The decision of the US giant to establish its Google Safety Engineering Center (GSEC) in the city puts Malaga at the epicentre of innovation, as this is the first centre of its kind in Spain and the largest in Europe.

The goal of the centre is to work on three key fundamentals: response speed, open source and artificial intelligence.

Want to know more about the new cybersecurity centre that Google has set up in Malaga? Read on!

Why has Google opened a cybersecurity centre in Malaga? These are the reasons

If you're wondering why Google has chosen the Costa del Sol to open its new cybersecurity centre, we have the answer.

The Malaga startup VirusTotal was founded in 2004 and played a crucial role in the local technological landscape. In 2012, Google bought this company, marking the beginning of a strategic partnership.

The acquisition of VirusTotal, in addition to strengthening the company’s position in the city, influenced its decision to choose Malaga as its technological hub in southern Europe. In fact, of the 70 employees working in the GSEC, 90% belong to this start-up.

This decision has not only consolidated Malaga as the first Google headquarters in Spain, but also placed it as the third most important city in Europe for cybersecurity engineering, complementing the headquarters in Dublin (responsible for content) and Munich (specialised in privacy and security).

Objectives of the Google cybersecurity centre in Malaga

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Google’s new cybersecurity centre aims to collaborate with experts, academics, companies and governments to strengthen cybersecurity on the European continent. It underscores Google’s commitment to contribute to creating a more secure digital environment.

To do this, its mission will be focused on three fundamental pillars: response speed, open source and artificial intelligence.

In its work, GSEC will support different entities to improve their defences against cyber-attacks and strengthen their knowledge about digital security through training spaces. In this regard, Google has already provided training to 12 million people in Europe.

It will also use artificial intelligence to detect threats faster and more accurately compared to other traditional methods.

Malaga: European epicentre for innovation

In short, the capital of the Costa del Sol is a strategic point on the European innovation scene, attracting various tech companies and hosting a growing number of start-ups.

This phenomenon not only shows the momentum towards digital transformation, but also the confidence and continued investment in the technological development of the city.

The consolidation of the Costa del Sol as a benchmark for innovation reflects its dynamic present and points to a promising future in this scenario.

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