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Jan 01, 1970

Discover our guide to the Spanish schools in the Costa del Sol

Have you been dreaming of learning Spanish in a destination that combines dreamy beaches, rich culture and history, friendly locals and an irresistible lifestyle? The Costa del ...

Aug 23, 2023

Fun things to do to learn Spanish

Looking for a place to learn Spanish? Malaga and the Costa del Sol in the south of Spain is one of the best places to enjoy a complete language and cultural immersion while having ...

Aug 09, 2023

How to go about learning Spanish in the Costa del Sol: the language, culture and experiences

Learn Spanish in the Costa del Sol the only way you can: by immersing yourself in your very own language journey in the province of Malaga. To master a language, there’s nothing ...

Jun 13, 2023

Spanish schools for foreigners in the province of Malaga

The province of Malaga has become one of the best places to learn Spanish. Good weather, great food, and diverse culture enrich the language, and the open and friendly character ...

Apr 15, 2021

Study Spanish in Malaga: The city’s best schools and language activities

If you’re studying the Spanish language, you want to visit Costa del Sol. The capital of Malaga is packed with a wide variety of Spanish schools, and with the province’s great ...

May 26, 2020

24 hours in Malaga: places you should not miss during your visit

Malaga is one of the most accessible Spanish cities by air, land and sea.  You just have to choose the means of transport that best suits your preferences in order to discover one ...

Feb 04, 2019

Have fun when you learn Spanish in Costa del Sol

Would you like to learn or improve your Spanish? Costa del Sol is the ideal destination to do so! With its convenient transportation, wide range of schools, authentic Spanish ...

May 15, 2018

5 things you must do at Costa del Sol if you come to learn Spanish

Costa del Sol is one of the favourite destinations for those who want to learn Spanish. Many of them come attracted by the weather and the town's cultural and leisure offer. The ...

Apr 17, 2018

The best cafés to spend the afternoon at the Costa del Sol

The café lovers can find in Málaga province numerous coffee shops where to do a pause during their trip. If you love enjoying an afternoon with a big hot mug in the hand, we ...

Jan 31, 2018

Three legendary bars in the center of Málaga

Málaga has plenty of bars, taberns and restaurants where you can try some of the specialities from the native gastronomy. Legendary places of the old quarter where you will find ...

Jan 23, 2018


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