Malagan expressions that will make you seem like a local

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If you've had the chance to explore the Costa del Sol or to mingle with Malagan friends, you might have noticed the peculiar use of certain local words and expressions that could seem novel to you.

We invite you to embark on a fascinating linguistic journey through the province of Malaga, where typical expressions are not just simple words, but true representations of the culture and idiosyncrasy of its people.

To facilitate your integration into the daily life of the Costa del Sol and enable you to communicate like a local, we've compiled the main Malagan words and expressions, along with their meanings.

Prepare to dive into the local charm and speak as if you were one of them!

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Malagan Dictionary: The Main Expressions and Words You Need to Know

If you're here, it's because you want to know and learn the expressions and words that Malagans use in their vocabulary, right? Therefore, without further ado, here they are:

Main Malagan Expressions

Muerde el rollo!: how curious.

To’ perita / estar to’ perita: when something is cool, is good (the best of the best), or you liked it.

Es canela en rama / canelita en rama: expression used to indicate that something is very good.

Quedarse pajarito: to be very cold.

No ni ná!: abbreviation of "no ni nada" (not at all). Equivalent to "of course". It's said when something being stated/defended is absolutely so.

Hacer la pirula: committing a traffic violation.

Quedarse nique/nike/niquelao/nikelao: to be left very clean / to be left perfect.

Ser un encogío’: to be stingy.

¡(No ve) qué calina!:  what heat!

¡Nove qué terral!: what heat!

¡Fó, vieo, que pelúa hace!: it's very cold.

Ser un paco o un papafrita: refers to a person who is 'silly'.

¿Te alargo?: Shall I take you? (somewhere).

Hacer el gato o la bacalá: telling a lie.

Hacer una piarda: skipping classes.

Other Malagan Words:

Canío/compadre and niña/rubia: all these words are widely used to refer to men and women in Malaga. And no, neither age nor hair color matters; they can be used to refer to anyone.

Maharón: crazy.

Chorraera: slide.

Canina: hunger.

Potaero: something poorly done.

Portañica: zipper of the trousers (if it's open).

Bascoso: uncomfortable (due to heat).

Bulla: hurry.

Cusha: listen.

Guarrito: drill.

Pechá: a lot.

Moraga: beach party at night.

Merdellón: refers to someone who is not very educated and draws attention.

Percal: uncomfortable situation.

Campero: ham sandwich with lettuce, tomato, cheese, ketchup, and mayonnaise.

Moods in the Malagan Dictionary

Alinquidoi: to be attentive to something.

Alobao / cuajao: to be dazed.

Apalancao: to be comfortable in a place, with no desire to move.

Aplatanao: to have no desire for anything.

Arrecío: to be very cold.

Empanao: to be asleep or distracted, not realizing what's happening.

Esmallao: to be very hungry.

Lacio: to be without strength, spiritless.

Guarnío: to be very tired or in pain.

Learn Spanish and Malagan Expressions on the Costa del Sol

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If you wish to learn Spanish in a dream location, the Costa del Sol is your destination.

Here, you'll find a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere that invites you to immerse yourself in the local language and culture.

Additionally, you'll have the chance to practice Spanish in real-life situations while enjoying the sun, the beach, the mountains, the rich Malagan gastronomy, etc. There are also many high-quality schools and specialized centers to make learning more enjoyable and fun. Some of them are:

            -Academia AIFP 

            -Centro Internacional de Lengua Española

            -Cervantes Escuela Internacional


            -Enforex Málaga

            -Maestro Mío

            -Malaca Instituto


            -Escuela Entrelenguas


Now that you're familiar with the main expressions and language schools in Malaga to elevate your Spanish to the next level, you can blend in among the people of the Costa del Sol as if you were a true local. Because there's no better way to experience a destination than through the eyes of those who live there, what are you waiting for to be captivated by the numerous charms of the province of Malaga and its inhabitants?

Enjoy an unforgettable experience. We assure you that you'll want to return time and time again!

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