Learning Spanish at Costa del Sol

Learning Spanish at Costa del Sol

Are you thinking on improving your Spanish? Costa del Sol is the best destination to learn Cervantes’ language due to its wide offer of schools, getting an airport with the best connections and being the ideal place for diving in the Spanish culture. Today we propose the best schools you will learn our language fast in, while enjoying the nicest beaches and a lot of more activities.


Academia AIFP

Here it is, in the very city centre, close to the Cathedral, the Academia AIFP, a school of Spanish language for foreigners. It is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes and offers a wide range of courses with the best native teachers. It also helps students to find accommodation. For you not to worry about anything!


Colegio Maravillas

One of the Spanish schools benchmarks in the Costa del Sol is the Colegio Maravillas, accredited by the Instituto Cervantes and …with more than 40 years of experience! It has got 13 classrooms completely equipped, the best professionals and… even a cinema! Here you get everything you need to learn Spanish in the best way and in the best environment.


Escuela Debla

Would you like to learn Spanish just five minutes from the beach? The Escuela Debla receives 1400 students a year, who learn Spanish in courses tailored to their needs. They also manage the accommodation and offer extracurricular activities, such as cultural visits, cooking classes, sports activities… Everything you can think of!


Escuela Entrelenguas

Learn Spanish in Ronda! The Escuela Entrelenguas offers to know the town in a different way, as besides courses it provides cultural events that invite the visitor to have a singular experience during his/her stay. Learning Spanish feeling like at home is possible!


La Playa Escuela de Español

Since 2011, the Playa Escuela offers every level Spanish courses. This school stands out for the individual treatment to the student so the learning process becomes shorter. In addition to being supported by the Instituto Cervantes, it also manages accommodation for the students that require it.


Escuela OnSpain

In the Escuela OnSpain, placed in two locations (Málaga and Pedregalejo), you will be able to improve your Spanish while you meet new people and enjoy the best atmosphere. It has 18 bright and spacious classrooms, three of them open-air! All of them are provided with modern audiovisual media and WiFi available throughout the building. And we mustn’t forget the garden, where the welcome parties take place!


Malaca Instituto

The Malaca Instituto is one of the best schools of Spanish in the world for many people. Since its foundation in 1971 it has received more than 80.000 students from all over the world, helping them to improve their learning. The resort in which it is placed is close to the beach and the city centre. 95 bedrooms, 25 classrooms, a study centre, bar, restaurant, swimming-pool, dance hall, room for multiple activities, meeting lounge, mini-gym, three terraces and gardens, To learn Spanish in better conditions is impossible!




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