Disruptive innovation events: the most groundbreaking ideas

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What is a disruptive innovation event? In a few words, this type of event is based on originality, and as its name suggests (disruptive is a business term that refers to redefining the market in some way), it’s about a change in perspective. An event that disrupts looks to surprise the public by breaking away from patterns: doing things differently.

In the Costa del Sol, a leading destination for corporate events, these new ways of creating events are all the rage. That’s right, there’s not only one way to set yourself apart. In fact, to get as far away from the norm as possible, it helps to think ‘original’ as this allows for new organic ideas to constantly emerge. Technology and the metaverse have a very important role here. As do human relations, plans and activities.   


Effects of disruptive innovation events

The effects of these smart events, we could call them, are diverse, allowing companies to grow, both in relation to clients and collaborators, as well as internally. Here are some positive effects they can have.  


1. Increase innovation and creativity

Events that disrupt increase innovation and creativity as they let you explore paths not taken and alternative perspectives to a product or service that you offer, and even more importantly, the way in which you offer it. 


2. Add to the company’s image change

Sometimes, the best way to rebrand is not by telling but by showing. An event that uses disruptive innovation talks, with or without words, about transformations through sensations and experiences.  

disruptive innovation eventsSource: Worktec


3. Attract and engage people

As humans we are curious by nature, so when it comes to identifying with something, whatever arouses your interest triumphs. A suggestion? Use the metaverse during your work trips. There’s already the option to experience this by visiting Picasso’s Malaga virtually, where the city also allows local artists to upload their works onto the virtual world.


4. Leave an impression

The emotional factor linked to innovative smart events ensures they are never forgotten. Do you want everyone to remember your event? Then you should appeal to basic human emotions of surprise, curiosity, empathy, and enjoyment. Rural events (meetings in a natural setting) are an excellent way of leaving your mark and, while you’re there, exploring the Costa del Sol's most charming spots with your team.    


5.Help to grow

Everything mentioned above leads to company growth. The more you innovate, the more focused you are on business image, and therefore the more potential customers feel attracted toward your product or service, which in turn means the greater the growth. In 2023 when it seems that (almost) everything has already been invented, an event with a difference delights and builds loyalty.   


Disruptive innovation events: examples


1. High Touch Events

High Touch Events centre around the human aspect and are a clear example of how you can break away from the norm. What’s more, if you choose a location right by the sea, like Malaga Port, or a venue with sea views like Beach Club Estrella del Mar in Marbella or Trocadero Estepona, your event is sure to be a triumph.   


2. Corporate trips with a difference

The Costa del Sol boasts the perfect backdrop for your corporate trip, standing out from the rest. Ideas? Choose a rural setting that no one expects. Why not go for glamping to really surprise people. Give your employees the chance to try out some incentive activities that are 100% original, like a cultural scavenger hunt, or an adventure sports activity. 

disruptive innovation events examples


3. A guerilla approach and a change of plan

We’ve now established that there is not just one vision of an event that uses disruptive innovation, and it’s precisely this variety and the endless possibilities out there that make the prospect so exciting. A guerilla more unconventional approach and a seemingly unexpected change of plan are also a space for innovation. There are even companies that intentionally give minimal information about the agenda in the lead up to an event so that attendees don't know what to expect. Any other alternative idea that comes to you can become a reality in the Costa del Sol.    


4. The latest technology

Always on the lookout for new trends, MICE culture in the Costa del Sol is developing, and events that use technology and innovation play a key role. For example, events like the Digital Enterprise Show in Malaga, whose 2023 edition is held between the 13 and the 15 June. Moreover, tech advances are exploding into all industry markets; Facial recognition for instance, as well hybrid events that unite the best of the digital and real world.

If you want your next event to disrupt in the best way possible, put yourself in expert hands: the DMCs and service companies in the Costa del Sol will ensure your event is a success. Check our guide and organise the event that will mark a before and after for your company.   

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