Walking between the pinsapos of Sierra Bermeja

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The Reales of Sierra Bermeja constitute an extraordinary natural site of more than 2,471 acres. It extends through the municipalities of Casares, Estepona and Genalguacil, and there is a vast population of pinsapos in it, a kind of spruce that, at the moment,is considered one of the most singular trees of Andalusia. The beauty of the landscape in these forests and the wonderful network of footpaths make the Reales of Sierra Bermeja an ideal setting to enjoy a break in the hinterland of Malaga.

Flora, fauna and geology

Located just 40 minutes from the sea, this incredible natural setting adds value to all the cultural and tourist wealth of the Costa del Sol, with flora and fauna that are unique in southern Europe.

What stands out most of this environment is its endemic vegetation, where the pinsapo is the absolute protagonist. This species makes of the zone a singular place, since they are the only pinsapo forests in the world that are on peridotite rocks. Other species are also abundant, such as maritime pines, cork oaks, juniper or kermes oaks.

This nourished vegetation favours the habitat of mammals such as roe deers, mountain goats or genets. Although what is most striking is to contemplate the elegant flight of birds of prey. With a bit of luck, you will be able to see species like the golden eagle, the peregrine falcon, the Eagle Owl or the Bonelli's eagle.

Geologically, the Reales of Sierra Bermeja are also one of the largest outcrops of ultramafic rocks in the world. The main landscape is made up of peridotite, a rock of volcanic origin and rich in platinum that has remained in the region over the centuries, providing a red color that gives the name to Sierra Bermeja.


Active tourism activities in Sierra Bermeja

 Sierra Bermeja offers endless possibilities for nature and active tourism lovers. We recommend, for example, the path of Fuente del Porrejon or the popular route known as Paseo de los Pinsapos, a journey of almost a mile of medium difficulty that crosses a formidable area. This walk ends in a place popularly known as “la plazoleta” where a poem by the Spanish writer Federico Garcia Lorca adorns a mural. Keep in mind that the temperature in this area is about 6 degrees lower than on the coast.

If you want to discover all the secrets of this place, apart from hiking, you can choose among other healthy outdoor activities, such as horseback riding routes or bike rides.


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