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Jan 01, 1970

What to visit in Málaga if you have just one day?

The number of visitors to Costa del Sol increases every year. Most of them travel by cruises, coming from all places around the world. If your cruise makes a stop just for few ...

May 02, 2018

Costa del Sol from the air

Long beaches, monumental cities, amazing golf courses… Costa the Sol has landscapes which will impress you. But, can you imagine to see them from the air? You will find numerous ...

Mar 14, 2018

Curiosities about Málaga that you may not know

Visiting Málaga is getting steeped in its history, knowing its traditions, culture and folklore. As many cities, it has plenty of secrets and legends which have prevailed over ...

Feb 19, 2018

Visiting the Cactus Garden in Casarabonela

Casarabonela has a hidden treasure. Like something out of a fairytale, the 'Mora i Bravard Botanical Garden of Cacti and Succulent Plants is home to one of the most important ...

Jan 02, 2018

What to buy and where to buy it during your stay in Malaga city

Malaga is one of the best Spanish cities for shopping, with local products of the highest quality. If you’re visiting the capital of the Costa del Sol and want to take home a ...

Aug 07, 2017

Next stop: Marbella

The Costa del Sol is a destination so varied and full of attractions that one single day or a weekend is not enough to enjoy it all. But if you are cruising and calling on the ...

Jun 05, 2017

Tapas, markets and terraces: where to eat during your stopover in Malaga

If you love gastronomy and you are visiting Malaga on board a cruise ship, you have a whole day to enjoy the different proposals and flavours of one of the cities with the ...

May 18, 2017

Christmas in Malaga aboard a cruise ship

Malaga is one of the most attractive destinations to visit this Christmas. If you cruise the Mediterranean aboard a cruise ship and arrive at the capital of the Costa del Sol at ...

Dec 09, 2016

A journey for fun in Malaga

If sailing is a pleasure, docking at the Port of Malaga is a unique experience. Its modern facilities, the leisure opportunities at the pier and its location in the city center ...

Aug 17, 2016

How to make the most of a day in Malaga

Is your cruise ship docking in Malaga? Are you attending an event in the city and only have one day to yourself? Don't worry, we can help you to make the most of your time with ...

Aug 10, 2016


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