Exclusive visits and caving: exploring the hidden faces of the Cave of Nerja

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The Cave of Nerja is one of the most surprising spots on the Costa del Sol. A whim of nature whose landscape, dominated by impressive stalactites and stalagmites, fascinates those who enter the most famous grotto of the región of Axarquia. An underground world that you can explore through an exclusive visit.

In this adventure we will have an exceptional guide, Miguel Joven, the actor who played Tito in the mythical Spanish television series of 1981 'Verano Azul'. A series that tells the adventure of several friends during their vacations on the Costa del Sol, where Tito gave life to the smallest of the gang. He will be leading us on a journey in time that, according to his words, "begins six million years ago with the creation of the cave and its incredible natural formations."

A different experience

"The exclusive guided tours to the Cave of Nerja were designed to offer a different experience," explains Miguel. The itineraries are done in small groups and outside the opening hours to the general public, achieving unrepeatable sensations.

"The silence that accompanies us, the open view and the tranquility of not following a set schedule allows us to discover stories, curiosities and secrets that the Cave of Nerja contains and that are not shown in conventional visits", assures the guide.

During the tour, visitors ask, participate spontaneously and even share their experiences. "There are not two exclusive visits," adds the actor turned a tourism expert, "because we do not follow a pre-established script".

In his opinion, "the galleries of the Cave of Nerja surprise by their size and their geological formations unique in the world, that reveal secrets that will change the history of the humankind".

Active tourism in the Cueva de Nerja

For the more intrepid ones, the Cave of Nerja Foundation also organizes caving activities that offer the possibility of knowing the areas of the cave closed to the general public. "This area represents 70 percent of the total of the cave and is where the largest galleries are located," says Miguel.

The groups, with a maximum of ten people, are assisted by expert cavers. You only have to be over 14 years old and be in good physical condition. Of course, it will be necessary to wait until the trial excavations in the called "Cathedral of the Prehistory" are finished so that this type of experiences can be resumed.

Cliffs of Maro-Cerro Gordo

As a good expert of Nerja, Miguel Joven also recommends to visit the coast of this municipality of the Axarquia. "Another of its great attractions is the Paraje Natural de los Acantilados de Maro-Cerro Gordo, a marine reserve where you can practice scuba diving, sailboat rides or canoe routes", as advised.

In this privileged environment "you will discover virgin beaches, sea caves and ocean floors full of anemones, orange coral and life, lots of life," concludes the guide.



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