Allergies? Visit the Tolox Spa Resort and breathe in the Spring!

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Spring is usually a dreaded time of the year for people suffering from allergies and respiratory conditions, but the province of Malaga has the best remedy: the Tolox Spa Resort. Did you know that it is the only one in Spain exclusively dedicated to the treatment of these pathologies? The ideal place to get some new air...

It's not magic, it's science.

The spa was inaugurated in 1869, although the healing properties of the springs of Tolox have been known since time immemorial. Since then, numerous leading figures, from politicians to writers and artists, have frequented these installations, located in the Sierra de las Nieves.

Their waters give off gases that are taken in inhalation and have analgesic, decongestant, sedative and anti-inflammatory effects. Hence they are indicated for troubles of the respiratory system and for the annoying spring allergies.

Increasing oxygenation, improving lung circulation and reducing secretions are some benefits provided by the treatments of the Spa, but not the only ones. These waters are also suitable for the skin and have diuretic effects.

Breathing the air of the Sierra de la Nieves

Allergic rhinitis, asthma or bronchitis? May none of these diseases prevent you from enjoying Spring. In addition to the medicinal services, the spa offers endless possibilities to relax, discover the town of Tolox or lose yourself in nature.

The complex has two hotels, a farmhouse transformed into rural accommodation and a set of apartments in the countryside. All surrounded by a centennial garden next to a stream that makes the landscape even more idyllic.

Nearby you will find the pinsapos forest of the Natural Park of the Sierra de las Nieves, declared a Biosphere Reserve in 1989, along with the village of Tolox. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the church of San Miguel Arcangel and the picturesque neighborhood of Rinconada del Castillo.

Some recommendations if you visit the Spa of Tolox

The Tolox Spa is unique in its characteristics, location and therapeutic applications. However, these treatments are not advised in patients with acute diseases and pregnant women. They are also not recommended for people with chronic decompensated pathologies or active infectious processes.

To get there by car from Malaga, the capital of the Costa del Sol, we recommend you to take the A-357 motorway and then the A-355 towards Coin. Then follow the A-366 and A-7250, which leads to the spa



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