The best viewpoints at Costa del Sol

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Costa del Sol has amazing viewpoints with incredible sights. You will find natural balconies to enjoy the views in the inner region as well as along the coast. Let’s discover some of them!


Mirador de la Alcazaba

Recently opened, the mirador de la Alcazaba in Málaga (Alcazaba viewpoint) offers impressive views of the city. From here, the defensive walls, the Roman Theatre and part of the historical centre can be seen, as well as the Cathedral. This free-entrance viewpoint has two different accesses: one from Cilla street and the other from Nuevo Mundo street. From this place the walk can be extended until the Castillo de Gibralfaro, another interesting proposal to contemplate the city from the heights which will not disappoint you.


Puente Nuevo Ronda

It is one of the most impressive viewpoints in Spain. It is said that, from the Puente Nuevo of Ronda you can touch the sky. This undisputed landmark of the city was built first in 1735; however, six years later it was knocked down, and so it was rebuilt again. Thanks to this infrastructure, the modern area was connected to the old one, allowing the city to continue growing. This 98-metre-high masterpiece, built on stone blocks extracted from the depths of garganta del Tajo, has an interpretation centre inside.


Mirador del Monte de San Antón

The Monte de San Antón is located in the East Málaga region and from here there are splendid views of Málaga with the Mediterranean Sea at the background. To enjoy the views, there are different viewpoints along the way to the hill. On the top, you can find the Cruz de San Antón.



Known as the ‘Costa del Sol balcony’, Comares is located in the foothills of Montes de Málaga, 703 metres over the sea level. Next to the main square of this town, belonging to the Axarquía region, there is an amazing viewpoint from where you can see several nearby villages as well as the top of La Maroma mountain, the highest place in the region.



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