Via ferratas in Málaga: an available adventure

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Would you like to embark on some adventure activities in Málaga? The region is a paradise to enjoy outdoor activities and discover amazing natural spots. A great way to do that is along a via ferrata. Let’s discover some of them

What is a via ferrata

For those who don’t know about it, a via ferrata is an experience which mixes climbing and hiking. These types of vertical and horizontal tours allow hikers or people who don’t dare to climb, to go to places with difficult access. These routes have elements as iron rungs, climbing holds, handrails, hanging bridges and even zip-lines. You will need special via ferrata equipment (energy-absorption systems, harnesses, gloves, helmets…)

Via ferratas in Málaga           

We choose these four via ferratas in Málaga:

Via ferratas at The Tajo de Ronda

There are two via ferratas at Ronda. The first ferrata at The Tajo is a little bit difficult because of two obstacles along the route.

  • Distance: 74 metres.
  • Gradient: 56 metres.
  • Duration: 40 minutes (roundtrip).
  • Difficulty: K1 very easy.

The second ferrata at The Tajo is not difficult at all and has an alternative route to this famous natural spot.

  • Distance: 75 metres.
  • Gradient: 50 metres.
  • Duration: 27 minutes (roundtrip).
  • Difficulty: K1 easy.

Via ferrata at El Chorro

An amazing via ferrata not suitable for people who suffer from vertigo. The airy style of this via ferrata highlights the sensation of height. It has a Tibetan bridge and a zip-line.

  • Distance: 650 metres.
  • Gradient: 250 metres.
  • Duration: 3 hours (roundtrip).
  • Difficulty: K3 difficult.

Via ferrata Cueva de la Ventana

Although it’s short, this via ferrata has an incentive: a zip-line and several athletic walkways.

  • Distance: 156 metres.
  • Gradient: 50 metres.
  • Duration: an hour.
  • Difficulty: K2


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