Underground tourism: 8 caves and chasms to discover the heart of Malaga

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Malaga has some of the most spectacular caves, chasms and galleries of Spain. We invite you to a journey into the depths of the earth, from caves randomly carved by nature to impressive gorges that will take your breath away . A stroll through 8 stunning spots where you can see stalactites, stalagmites, underground lakes and archaeological remains.

  1. The Cueva de Nerja is the main underground treasure of the Costa del Sol. Its interior landscape is as beautiful as surprising.  There, stalactites, stalagmites and other speleothems take capricious forms. In addition, in this cave you can see which is believed to be the first work of art known in human history: cave paintings representing some seals.

  2. In the Sierra de Grazalema, you will find the Garganta del Hundidero and the Cueva del Gato. Both are part of the speleologic complex Gato-Hundidero, the largest in Andalusia and one of the largest in Spain. This system, created by the action of the waters of the river Guadares on the limestone, is a succession of breathtaking canyons, siphons, lakes, chasms and caves. Having been declared Natural Monument, the Cueva del Gato has a large colony of bats, cave paintings and remains from the Neolithic period. Next to the entrance there is also a recreation area with an idyllic lake, perfect for cooling down.

  3. Are you into strong emotions? Then stop by Sierra de las Nieves. In this Natural Park, declared Biosphere Reserve,  you will discover the G.E.S.M. chasm, the third deepest in the world. It is ideal for climbing and caving.

  4. And if you still want more, in the Serrania de Ronda you will find the Sima del Diablo, named for its dark appearance. But don’t be fooled. It is a true paradise for canyoning and abseiling fans and visitors can enjoy the natural slides and waterfalls that can be found during the tour.

  5. Without leaving the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park you can approach the Cueva de la Pileta. Stalactites, stalagmites and prehistoric paintings up to 20,000 years old are some of the wonders it contains.

  6. If you are passionate about caving, you cannot miss the Cueva de la Excentrica.  Located in Igualeja, in the Serrania de Ronda, it contains peculiar geological formations, an underground gallery and a small natural lake.

  7. Not very far from that is the Cueva de la Fuensanta, a challenge for the most experienced explorers.

  8. Also in the Axarquia region, located in the Rincon de la Victoria, the Cueva del Tesoro awaits you. Full of galleries, columns and gorges, this is the only visitable cave of marine origin in Europe and a place marked by legends.


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