Sailing and tasting the Costa del Sol, catering aboard!

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Eating is always a pleasure, but doing it while enjoying the sea and the Costa del Sol on board a boat is another level. The nautical experience is not only seen and felt… you can also taste it! Here we tell you some alternatives to enjoy a catering on board on the Costa del Sol. Enjoy the journey with your five senses.


Watching the dolphins

One of the most attractive possibilities of the Costa del Sol are the cetacean sightings, dolphins-watching. CostaSol Cruceros offers trips from Puerto Marina, in Benalmadena, to watch these endearing mammals in their own habitat. Typically, these experiences are accompanied by a tasting of food and drink from the land, trying the delicacies offered by the Costa del Sol. Accompany the elegant swimming of the dolphins along the waters of the Mediterranean, specifically the Alboran Sea, while tasting, for instance, a selection of cheeses and a good wine from Malaga. And for the sweet toothed, pastry is offered too, such as cakes or “piononos”, a delicious Andalusian cake made with sponge and toasted cream. Mmmm... Sweeten your sea excursion!

With sunset background

Did you know that the coast of Malaga offers one of the most beautiful sunsets in the Mediterranean? If spots like the Baños del Carmen (an old seaside spa in the open sea) look spectacular to you, imagine how you will see them aboard a sailboat. There are sensational romantic routes at dusk that you can garnish with tastings of typical products. Nothing better than a dinner for two with fresh products of the sea, suggestive fruits and accompanied by an aphrodisiac glass of champagne. Velero Intrepido offers you this perfect evening departing from Estepona. You’ll be in love with the Costa del Sol for life!


Gastronomic Experiences with Sail&Fun

Sailing on a sailboat or motor boat through the Bay of Malaga, feeling the cool breeze of the Mediterranean and enjoying the smell of the sea is already a luxury. But with all that, Sail&Fun Experiencias Náuticas goes a step further, offering you their gastronomic experiences.

You can enjoy a selection of culinary delights in which even the names will remind you of Malaga: Bahia menu, Alboran menu, Terral menu or Genova menu. And for seafood lovers, you have the possibility of tasting incredible seafood in the middle of the Mediterranean.The pleasure and the emotions that give you sailing in the open sea, merged with an exquisite menu that will make you live an unrepeatable experience. They say in the sea… everything tastes better!



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