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With the arrival of good weather it comes also the best moment for learning to play golf, but you need to learn some basic concepts to do it well. Don't worry if you are a novel player, there are many academies at Costa del Sol, with a lot of courses offers for those players who want to get a step into this sport or improve their level. You will become a Tiger Woods!


Valle Romano Golf School in Estepona

This available course in Estepona offers 10 one-hour lessons with a professional with a large experience as a golf teacher.

It is focused on essential aspects of this sport, such as swing, approach, bunker and putt, paying special attention to any other matters that the player would like to manage. Moreover, depending on its progression, new players could obtain the license and handicap. Besides that, lessons include a record of the swing, so it can be analysed with the teacher. Then you will be totally prepared to take the golf course.


La Cala Golf Academy in Mijas

There are bilingual professionals at Mijas, who give individual lessons, as well as for groups, and for both beginners and expert players who want to improve their game.

This golf school has all necessary facilities to learn how to play or improve your game: grass training course, putting and chipping, and bunkers.

They will start testing your skills and then, they will design a personal manage plan to reach the desired results. You will find programs and training lessons to know better so essential aspects such as grip and position of your body and the ball, as well as many others.

The enthusiasm and energy of these professionals will let you have a unique learning experience. What a luxury!


Guadalhorce Golf Club in Málaga

If you already control the swing and your aim is to become a real professional, this is your option.

There are high performance golf lessons at Guadalhorce Golf Club. Its famous IH Coaching System, a Málaga University Program, is an exclusive innovating and pioneering service in Spain, created in 2012 to attend demand of golf players with a wider projection, young prodigies who want to take the best of their potential.

For this, besides the technical content, with this program they try to guide players career by working every aspect to build a successful golf player, treating other matters such as competition, psychology and even the social factor.

You will become a successful player quickly!



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