Marbella and its leisure ports: a walk with sea views

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Cradle of the luxury tourism, Marbella is nowadays one of the most renowned destinations of the Mediterranean Sea. You can find everything you need for your exclusives holidays here: four and five-star hotels, gourmand restaurants, luxury boutiques, golf courses and four leisure ports, where you could dock your ship, or just go for a walk and enjoy the sea. Take over the rudder and set a course to Marbella.


Puerto Banús, epicentre of the luxury tourism

Puerto Banús is synonym of luxury at Costa del Sol. Created in 1970 by José Banús, its renown has been built by numerous celebrities related to the world’s main royal families. The harbour hosts 900 ships, including a significant number of mega yachts, belonging to the richest people in the world, who don’t clash with the luxury boutiques along the place.


Marbella, two central leisure ports, plenty of activity

Located at the city centre, next to the main leisure and shopping areas, the Port of Marbella has a wide offer of restaurants and pubs. Due to its location, it is one of the city points with the largest touristic traffic. The port area has 377 berths and, among its facilities, there are a nautical club and a diving professional school.

At the old fishermen quartier of Marbella, next to the fishing port, the Marina-La Bajadilla leisure port is the most modern of the four harbours of Marbella. It has 268 berths for ships up to 18 metres long. It is renowned by its wide restaurants offer, where the typical ‘pescaíto frito’ (varied fried fish) from Málaga is served.


A charming modern port: Cabopino

Located next to the Artola Dunes, the Cabopino leisure harbour is a small place where you can breathe the peace the sea usually gives. Along the day you can walk around its quay and enjoy the stunning views of the coast, and at night you can have dinner at any of its restaurants. 



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