Malaga on the Rooftop. Music, theatre, and open-air cinema

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With more than 3,200 hours of sun per year, it's not surprising that in a city like Malaga, a circuit of roof-top bars has sprung up with terraces looking out over the urban and seaside landscapes. In addition to letting you enjoy a beer or a cocktail with friends, many of these bars also have their own cultural schedule of events including all types of shows from theatre to concerts.

Plans for summer nights

With the good weather, the Malaga rooftops dress themselves up and put their energy into offering an attractive schedule of events to visitors. In addition to having a beer, a cocktail, or nibbling on some finger food, you can also enjoy their cultural events.

One of the most interesting places to pop up in the past few years is La Azotea de Mármoles. It's a new space that regularly offers a long list of theatre productions as well as workshops and other related activities. For a modest price, you can enjoy an open-air show.

As for music, the "Live the roof" season is one of the best-established musical offerings. This season of concerts is also held in other Spanish cities but in Malaga, it's held on the rooftop of the Hotel Sallés Málaga Centro. Spanish artists such as Coque Malla and Zahara have performed on this stage in the past.

In addition to “Live the roof”, the terraces of hotels such as the Málaga Palacio, the Molina Lario and the Room Mate Larios offer concerts and other activities such as language exchanges and fashion shows. All you have to do is check their schedule for the days you'll be visiting and book.

Theatre, music, and...cinema. Although not on rooftops, Malaga has a wide range of summer films shown at open-air venues such as Muelle Uno and on the Malagueta beaches.

The rooftops in Malaga aren't just a good option for enjoying a coffee in the open air. At night, they become authentic stages to the delight of Malaga natives and of course, tourists too.


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