Live the adventure of the Sima del Diablo

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The inner area of Costa del Sol offers excellent places for practising canyoning. Near Júzcar, better known as the Smurf village, and in the heart of Serranía de Ronda, the most visited ravine in the province: the Sima del Diablo (Devil's chasm). The perfect place to practice a different aquatic sport, since there is water… even in summer!


Suitable for all public

Don’t let yourself be frightened by the name. This ravine is suitable for all public due to its funny collection of waterfalls, rappels and slides, ideal to start canyoning. It is 1.500 meters long with a low technical difficulty, where water is always present and we are surrounded by a lush vegetation, hanging lianas facing us along the way and black poplars, willows and osiers give us a fresh shade. Being an expert or not, don’t hesitate! You will live an unforgettable experience in any season.


An alternative to the beach

The active tourism is having more and more prominence in the Costa del Sol. The Devil’s chasm, since it has no technical difficulty, is perfect to be gone all over in family and suitable for kids. The high season for this activity is in august, so it has become a real alternative to the beach for the recent years. Little by little the inner of the province is becoming a destination for adventure sports. In addition to canyoning there are a lot of activities you can enjoy like climbing, vias ferratas, tree climbing… a complete alternative to sun and beach tourism that Costa del Sol offers.


Canyoning and visit to the Smurf village

A perfect plan if you are to go down the Devil’s chasm is to visit Júzcar, very few minutes far. This village is known as the “Smurf village” due to the blue colour of its houses’ front. In June, 2011th, this village coloured itself blue to receive the world release of the movie “The Smurfs”. Since then its streets and houses show that blue colour moving us to a fantasy world.


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