La Manquita: an unfinished cathedral

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Visiting La Manquita is an essential part of all travel plans, and Málaga Cathedral is a must in any snapshot of this Spanish city. You can see this tower majestically rise up in the Costa del Sol's capital from almost all parts of the old town. But you can also appreciate her unfinished twin from afar. At the end of Calle Larios, on Plaza de la Constitución, both towers can be seen at the same time. From the port, the beautiful effect created by "La Manquita" in the distance can be clearly observed.

A little bit of history...

After conquering the city of Málaga, the Spanish Catholic Monarchs ordered the construction of an enormous Christian temple. The project did not commence until 1528. It was originally planned in the Gothic style but the architects Diego de Siloé and Andrés de Vanderlvira transformed it into a Renaissance project which would eventually also have Baroque aspects.

The legend of "La Manquita"

1782 marked the "end" of the construction of Málaga Cathedral. Only the north tower was erected. The south tower, just as it is conserved at present, remained unfinished.

There are countless legends told among the people of Málaga and tourists. They all agree on one thing: work on the Cathedral was stopped due to the sudden lack of economic funds.  

The most widely agreed and talked about reason is that part of the War of Independence of the United States was financed with public funds from the city of Málaga.

Another theory is that funds were used from the Costa del Sol's capital to construct and repair the roads of Vélez Málaga and Antequera.

Design and art

The only constructed tower measures 84 metres, making it the second tallest cathedral in Andalusia, after the Giralda in Seville.

The Baroque style can be observed in the Cathedral's façade, which is clearly divided into two levels and separated in three different areas, divided by Corinthian-style columns. Practically all of the decorations are in the Baroque style.

The floor is in the Gothic style, which prevailed during the planning and design of the building. And the apse and elevation are in the Renaissance style.

Inside the Cathedral you will find unique treasures from the world of art: altarpieces by Juan Niño de Guevara, Claudio Coello, Alonso de Mena, Francisco Palma Burgos and Enrique Simonet. Paintings by César Arbassia, Ventura Rodríguez and Juan de Villanueva, among others.

Malaga Cathedral

Visiting Málaga Cathedral

Located on the central Plaza del Obispo, La Manquita can be visited from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 18:00 and on Saturdays from 10:00 to 17:00.

Visits to the Cathedral's roof have recently been introduced. During this visit you climb 50 metres up around 200 steps to enjoy impressive views. These visits are always in group with a tour guide. During the day, you can visit the vaults from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:30 to 14:30 and, on Fridays only, in the evening from around 20:30.

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