Know the Archaeological Site of Torrealquería

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Málaga is a region by which many civilisations have passed along the History. To a greater or lesser extent, all of them left  archaeological remains of a inestimably valuable heritage. This is the case of the archaeological site of Torrealquería, at Alhaurín de la Torre. This site has remains of blocks of stone from the Roman period, a tower and a Muslim necropolis. There are also a water mill, two pools, a spring the water providing the mill comes from. But that´s not everything! You can also watch remains of a small chapel from the 16th century and the Cortijo del Conde Mollina. A luxury not known by everyone!


Tower and Muslim necropolis

The tower is one of the most visible and valuable structures in the site. Recent research shows that it dates back to the 13th century. Declared Asset of Cultural Interest, only there is a small part of it left at present. In addition, remains of a necropolis from the Nazari period were found in this area.


Santa Ana hermitage

Remains of Santa Ana small chapel, built in the 16th century, have been just found. The well-preserved state of the chapel gives it a inestimable value. Brick paving, walls, steps and even signs pointing to a Muslim building, make us think this chapel could be built over a Mosque. This temple was in use till the 20th century, being burnt in the Second Republic.


Cortijo del Conde de Mollina

Although this building is not the most ancient among the elements in the site, it is actually the most important in the recent History of Spain. Do you know that it was here that the General José María Torrijos and his soldiers took refuge after rebelling against Fernando the 7th? When they were attacked by the absolutists, Torrijos came onshore looking for shelter and found it here. Later, they were arrested and executed on the beaches of Málaga. The monument in La Merced square honours them. Not everybody knows this story and you can do it first-hand visiting this site!


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