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Jan 01, 1970

Discover the wine culture in Ronda

The Serranía de Ronda is the perfect place to discover wine culture. A luxury destination unknown to many, where Federico Schatz arrived in 1982 with the idea of starting an ...

Jul 16, 2024

A luxury travel to paradise

Our luxury travel begins in the 40s. It was the first time that Rudolf Graf von Schönburg stepped on what we know today as Marbella. Count Rudi breathed deeply the sea breeze, ...

Jul 04, 2024

Iberian Delights: Luxury Gastronomic Tourism

The Costa del Sol is much more than golden beaches, pleasant weather, and vibrant nightlife. It is also renowned for its exquisite gastronomic offerings, attracting travelers from ...

Jun 11, 2024


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