Hiking in Los Riscos: find the Eagle of the Crags

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The Serrania de Ronda is peppered with corners that are authentic wonders of nature. But there is a place that for its unique landscape and location is a must-see in the Genal Valley. It is Los Riscos (The Crags), a karst formation located next to the Bosque de Cobre where the rocks have original shapes and draw evocative landscapes.

Among the natural sculptures that seem to decorate the place, there is one particulary striking: a rock that resembles a bird of prey. It is the Aguila de los Riscos (Eagle of the Crags), that rises in this labyrinth of stone of the mountain range of the Oreganal, in the hinterland Malaga.

From the chestnut trees to the karst formation

The Riscos are located between Juzcar and Cartajima, where the Bosque de Cobre is located. In this point of the Genal Valley, the great masses of chestnut trees give way to a conglomeration of rocks eroded by wind and rain for thousands of years.

To discover this limestone mass, plagued by capricious karstic formations, chasms and gorges, there is a circular route of almost 2 miles where you can walk without great difficulty. The itinerary begins in the Puerto de las Eras of Juzcar and runs along landmarks such as El Camello or El Aguila de los Riscos, two of the most famous stone figures.

The path also allows to discover the rustic constructions used by the inhabitants of these lands to thresh the cereal: the “eras”. From the area of El Puertecillo you will see some of them and get a good view of the Genal Valley.

Rocks full of life

Due to its peculiar characteristics, the vegetation of Los Riscos is limited to some species of scrub and aromatic plants. However, in the place you can find different types of birds that share habitat with foxes, badgers, wild boars, rabbits, lizards and snakes.

It is also common the sighting of raptors such as the Bonelli's Eagle or the Eagle Owl. Although if there is a sight worth seeing, that is the flight of the griffon vulture on the rock formations. An experience for lovers of ornithological tourism.


Some recommendations

In this area of the Serrania de Ronda, the winters are cold and the summers are really hot. Spring and autumn, therefore, are the most advisable seasons to visit Los Riscos and approach the Eagle of the Crags. Of course, provided you wear appropriate clothing and footwear for hiking.

After the adventure, you will have the opportunity to visit Juzcar, also known as the "Smurf Village", or enjoy the rich mountain gastronomy in Cartajima. In this village, with only 250 inhabitants, the views of the Genal Valley are unbeatable.

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