The Europe's largest Buddhist temple is in Benalmádena

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If you drive over the autovía del Mediterráneo, which crosses the whole Costa del Sol, you will surely see a shinning structure, highlighting over the landscape. This is the Estupa de la Iluminación, the Europe's largest Buddhist temple, built in 2003 in Benalmádena.


The largest West Buddhist temple

Built by the Polish architect Wojtek Kossowski, the Estupa de Benalmádena (Benalmádena's stupa) is a symbol of Buddha's enlightenment. With 33 metres high and a basis of 25 metres wide, this is the largest Buddhist structure in the west. The temple has a 100 m2 meditation room. We find murals at its walls, which represent Buddha's life, painted by local artists from the Himalayas.



A place worth to be visited

No matter if you are religious or not, the Estupa de Benalmádena is a place to be visited. You will be transported to exotic places in the Asian south east in this magical corner, which gives off peace and calm. Its location is not casual, since the temple doesn't face Europe, but Africa, pointing out a spot where Mediterranean waters find Atlantic ones. You can also delight yourself with marvellous views of the coast and Benalmádena.



An exception in the world

The Estupa de Benalmádena is one of the world few which has inside the meditation room. Stupas are usually closed structures, where religious meet and go around the building in clockwise direction, stating wishes that they hope will become truth.


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