Chef Jose Carlos Garcia, a Malaga-born genius of Mediterranean cuisine

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The Port of Malaga has a fantastic promenade known as Muelle Uno, former port facilities extending from the Pompidou Centre to La Farola Street (the lighthouse of Malaga). At Muelle Uno  there is a wide and varied range of entertainment and dining options, even for the most demanding palates. It is the case of Jose Carlos Garcia’s Restaurant, which has earned the prestigious Michelin Star.

Would you like to live an haute cuisine experience along the Mediterranean and a few minutes from the Cathedral of Malaga?

A bright kitchen concept

The chef Jose Carlos Garcia offers a real journey of flavours that combines tradition and innovation in a brilliant way. With a proposal based on two protagonists, the sea and the mountains, this space opened in 2011. Since then, it has managed to convey Malaga’s cuisine with aromas and flavours perfectly identified with the local culture, but with a new perspective.

The restaurant has an interesting structure. It is an open-plan space where the kitchen is the centre stage, as it is enclosed in a glass cube!  This allows customers to watch live the skills of the chefs themselves. 

Prestigious chef Jose Carlos Garcia

Jose Carlos Garcia is undoubtedly one of the professionals that has led Malaga to the elite of national cuisine. He started with his parents in the family business and ended up training in the main cooking schools of Malaga.

After ten years at the head of the kitchen of Cafe de Paris, the chef embarked on his own Project. A restaurant that now has the recognition of a Michelin Star and two Suns in the Repsol Guide (the main gastronomic guide Spain ).

Plate of the Restaurant José Carlos García

An incredible dining experience

Jose Carlos Garcia proposes a sensitive journey through the flavours of Malaga, the relaxation of the Mediterranean and the enjoyment of life in the South.

To start with, we have delicacies such as rice snacks, seaweed seasoned with an original yogurt cream or some fake Aloreña olives, made with seaweed crackers and wasabi caviar.

The Ajoblanco is perhaps the star of the restaurant. A cream, typical from Malaga, made with almond and garlic that is enriched in this case with red wine and cinnamon. And we cannot forget another recipe of the local cuisine: the gazpachuelo. This delicious white fish soup is masterfully reinterpreted by Jose Carlos Garcia.

Other spectacular proposals are also the back of mackerel with spaghetti squash jam, the oil of burnt pineapples, or the tomato soup flavored with tuna, mint and white miso.

And we could end, for example, with some wonderful macarons, a suggestive banana toffee or some natural red fruit jelly beans.

Aren’t you mouthwatering yet?  Don’t hesitate. Tasting the creations of Jose Carlos Garcia is an unforgettable experience: an inescapable opportunity to enjoy the best cuisine of the Costa del Sol.


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