What are the benefits of chatbots for your online business?

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There’s nothing like innovation to boost your competitive spirit in an increasingly complex and populated marketplace. Technology is therefore no longer a complement to a company’s activities, but rather at the core of everything they do. Of the many new technologies that your brand might find useful, chatbots are particularly important as they can benefit all sectors of the economy. In this post, we’re going to delve into the world of conversation bots that use artificial intelligence to make your processes more agile and efficient when you first touch base with clients and providers. Keep reading to find out all its benefits. 


Applicable to all sectors

From the most up-to-date e-commerce sites to the challenging retail sector, passing through human resources, logistics, supply chain, and health and wellness, chatbots provide the basic customer service your company needs through smart software. Here are just some of the technology’s benefits and features. 


Customer service in the early phases

A chatbot, by definition, is an application that uses artificial intelligence to have an online chat conversation with your customer to resolve basic and common needs. In a market where user experience is increasingly important, chatbots act as the client’s gateway into the company’s world. 

chatbot for small companies


Chatbots for small companies enable the customer to interact with the company in the same way they would with a phone operator. The digital system answers questions, tells users about different products or services and gives them the opportunity to speak to a human agent, if they so desire. 


Lead generation and data collection

As they make initial contact with the user, chatbots are helpful when it comes to generating leads and increasing the number of prospects interested in a particular product or service. The chatbot replies to users’ questions or doubts with well-defined answers and collects data that can later be used to convert them into future clients. 


Easy multi-platform integration 

Chatbots can be integrated into a large number of programmes. They can be implemented in WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram, as well as in all sorts of mobile applications and corporate websites. But wherever they are, they act in the same way: as the gateway for users into a company. When integrated in different platforms at the same time, companies are enacting a strategy to boost their digital reputation, diversify their customer service and reduce costs in this regard. 


24/7 service for anyone interested in your company

We live in a globalised world where it is the norm to have customers on the other side of the world. Available 24/7 and talking in different languages, chatbots enable small companies to be present at any time of the day, no matter the time zone.

chatbot services


From chatbots to user experience

The relationship between chatbots and user experience is growing stronger. There are three types of chatbots and the second form, which uses natural language processing, is quickly becoming the favourite. 

  •   Chatbots that use pre-programmed answers are the most limited types of the application. They can be useful, however, for small e-shops when the user is looking to be redirected to a specific section of the website or to a particular product. 
  •   Chatbots that use natural language processing (NLP) are prompted by the words employed by the user. The technology is powered by artificial intelligence and is the most sought-after in the services market. 
  •   Hybrid chatbots use a combination of both these behaviours. 


In the Costa del Sol, an exceptional destination for tech companies in Spain, an increasing number of companies are implementing chatbots as part of their user experience strategy. Customer service is now an experience and vital for carving out your place in the market. So, now you know how chatbots can benefit SMEs, how about integrating one on your platforms to make your customer service more efficient?

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