Cycling tourism in Málaga: the best cycling tours along Costa del Sol

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Discover the best cycling tours along Costa del Sol and explore some of the most impressive spots of this touristic destination. Cycling routes beside the sea, through the mountain or in the city. Whatever your level is, you will enjoy this sport. Definitely, cycling at Costa del Sol is an amazing experience. Let’s start!

Mountain bike (MTB)

 Are you an enthusiast of montain biking? There is route around Andalusia that crosses Málaga. 8 sections and more than 200 kilometres cross the region from West to East. This is a full slopes tour, which is divided in nine sections of different difficulties. Also, we recommend you the landscapes, viewpoints and white villages that you will find along the journey. Give it a try!

Low-difficulty tours along Málaga

Málaga is the perfect city to be discovered by bike, as it has an expanding cycle path and excellent weather during the whole year. If you want to enjoy lovely cycling trips with the family beside the sea, with almost no inclination or difficulty, we recommend you to take the bike and start riding. To make this easier, you will find many rent-a-bike businesses at the city.

MTB downhill at Algatocín

If you are an extreme sports lover, you can try a MTB downhill at Algatocín. The track covers the whole Barranco de la Loma, 4,3 km long, and has many slopes with an average gradient of almost 40%. It is a technical descent where you will have to overcome all kind of challenges till reaching the Genal River. This trail is recommended only for expert riders.



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