Five things to bear in mind when using artificial intelligence at events

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Artificial intelligence can help elevate your event and make it a resounding success. Though the field is still in its infancy, one thing is for sure: artificial intelligence’s speedy progress and unmoveable presence - both in the business world and in other areas of life - require us to do some catching up quickly and efficiently. Industries like tourism are already benefiting from everything it has to offer

So what is artificial intelligence? And what do we mean when talking about artificial intelligence at events? Also known by the acronym AI, artificial intelligence is a set of intellectual and cognitive qualities developed by an IT system and a combination of algorithms. In other words, it’s machines’ ability to “think” or express the same mental abilities as a human being, like reasoning, creativity, prediction and learning. The latter, the ability to learn, is helping artificial intelligence to advance at great speed. 

Artificial intelligence for events is an application of AI focusing on event planning. More and more corporate events in the Costa del Sol are using it to organise and produce events. The good news is that there are trends and tools that you can also use to make the most out of the new technology. Keep reading to discover five things to bear in mind when doing so.


1. Both clients and companies need to be on-board  

Incorporating and integrating artificial intelligence into its routines is a challenge that companies are facing. And it is something that implies effort, investment and training. It is important for clients to approach the technology with a curious and relaxed mindset, free from the fear of the unknown. The best way to do this is to use information to build networks. This is the only way to create a solid and effective connection between AI, the public and corporations.

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2. Ethics are important

You also won’t want to lose sight of the ethics, particularly at events, as they involve large numbers of people. First, make sure you take extreme care with everything to do with privacy. And second, keep transparency front of mind: it’s never a bad idea to let clients and collaborators know in advance about the AI that will be used at your event. This will also help boost their trust in you.


3. Security is a priority 

Closely connected to ethics is security. The power of artificial intelligence comes with great responsibility. It is essential that you meet personal data protection laws and regulations. When used for surveillance, AI can also help improve trust by making the event safer for everyone.


4. Some useful tools are now available

There already exist useful artificial intelligence tools that can mark the difference between a traditional event and an event with its sights set on the future. An example of this includes data analysis before and after the event, when used ethically. And then there is voice recognition, smart applications to deal with clients, like virtual assistants, virtual reality and activities that combine direct contact and technological progress in one experience.

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5. The latest trends in artificial intelligence at events 

Hosting a physical event in a hotel, while including a virtual stage as part of the programme of events - via augmented reality - is a trend on the up. There are also virtual panels, which are great for presentations, drones and robots that can make your life easier and offer the user a unique and innovative experience, and chatbots and virtual assistants, which are helpful in all situations, particularly when establishing good communication.

Though perhaps the most important of all of these trends is that of “High Tech, High Touch”, which promotes the role of humans in technology. If you’re interested in finding out more about artificial intelligence and events, and the various ways you can use it in tourism or any other industry, the service providers in the Costa del Sol would be delighted to assist you on your journey towards innovation. 

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