Spartans, The adventure continues on the Costa del Sol!

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Would you like to disconnect from everyday stress and get back to work feeling re-energised? Nothing like traveling to the Costa del Sol and releasing some adrenaline.

In the province of Malaga you can enjoy lots of plans to live adventures and make the most of Active Tourism. In groups, the experience is even better.

Activities for companies

On the Costa del Sol there is a wide range of leisure activities designed for work teams, especially for small and medium companies. Firms like Experience Box, an Estepona-based company, have deployed a broad range of possibilities in this field, providing their products in English.

Holiday packages offered, cover all necessary services, from accommodation to transportation. Food is also included, as well as the development of corporate, leisure, cultural or team building activities, all aimed at strengthening the cohesion of enterprises and its employees.

From a footgolf match to paintball battle

Have fun playing some footgolf. Imagine yourself trying to emulate the precision of a golfer while hitting a football ball. Something like the perfect match of Rory McIlroy and Gareth Bale. An irresistible activity for your team.

On the other hand, Segway Polo is a fun alternative to practice as a group. You and your teammates will meet the very original challenge of riding these trendy vehicles.

And for a rush of adrenaline, nothing better than a escape game in a private natural area of over 592,000 square feet .  An adventure that combines strategy and physical challenges.

Other activities are offered as well, such as the Water Olympics, paddle surf, kayak relay race, jeep safari, rafting, karting, adventure in the trees, guided cycling tours or paintball battles. Undoubtedly, countless unforgettable sensations to live in group.

And of course, all these products can be combined with the organization of events of all kinds. The icing on the cake of an original corporate and collective experience, so valuable nowadays to create strong and supportive human teams.


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