February, a month for sport in the Costa del Sol

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There are perfect weather conditions in the Costa del Sol to practise sport at winter season. Three events in February enhance the potential of the Málaga province as competitions and events place, as well as sport team meetings and concentrations center.


Ruta del Sol. Andalusia cycling tour

The 64th Ruta del Sol edition will be celebrated from 14th to 18th February, and will have five stages. Mijas will be the start point of this edition. A total of 22 professional teams from all countries will come to this meeting, willing to add Andalusia to their starting seasons, thanks to its technics and balanced routes, its landscapes and its warm and stable weather.

7th Caring Race Entreculturas

Málaga will join on Sunday 11th February the caring race ‘Corre por una causa, corre por la educación’ (“running for a reason, running for schooling”), organized by Entreculturas. The event will take place in the Estadio de Atletismo Ciudad de Málaga at 10:00 a.m., and it will be sponsored by the ex-football player Basti. This year, the collection will be intended to South Sudan for youth education. 


Holi Life Málaga

Holi Life comes back to Málaga on February 18th for its third edition. This will be the first colours race in Spain, that mixes sport, music and, moreover, a lot of colours. Along 5 kilometres, without time limit, the thousands of runners that participate this year will be completely sprinkled with different colours powders at every kilometre. The fun goes on up to the end with a huge party where all colours that you can imagine will flood the sky over the city, all this accompanied by the best music. Are you going to miss it?



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