What to visit in Málaga if you have just one day?

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The number of visitors to Costa del Sol increases every year. Most of them travel by cruises, coming from all places around the world. If your cruise makes a stop just for few hours at Málaga's harbour and you don't know what to visit... Continue reading and don’t miss the essential places in the town.


Calle Marqués de Larios

First unmissable stop! This is the historical centre's main street. Since it was refurbished and pedestrianised in 2003, the place has become one of the Spanish largest shopping streets. It's a beautiful architecture from the 19th century and numerous establishments make from a walk along this an imperative experience.


Mercado de Atarazanas

You can enjoy watching, smelling, feeling and of course eating at the Mercado de Atarazanas! This large market, located at the city centre, was built over 15th century Nasrid shipyards, where only the old monumental door is kept. If you feel hungry after the walk watching so many food stands, take the chance of tasting some tapas at any of the market bars.


Málaga Cathedral

Our tour won't be completed without visiting the Cathedral. This impressive shrine can be seen from almost every point of the town. With a Renaissance and baroque style, its building lasted until the 18th century. Finally it wasn't complete, since there is just one tower, the reason why the Cathedral is known as "la Manquita" ("the little one-armed").


Roman theatre

How do you feel about a trip through History? The Roman Theatre and its archaeological remains are a must in your visit.

The Roman Theatre is the oldest in Spain, from the 1st century , being one of the most of the Roman Hispania’s representative buildings. It is located at the town centre, in a unique spot. Behind this the Arabic Alcazaba is located, and the Castillo del Gibralfaro is at the bottom. A unique archaeological site, isn’t it?


Museums and galleries

The art lovers have an undiscovered world at Costa del Sol. Museums such as  Centre Pompidou, Museo Carmen Thyssen, Museo Picasso, or Museo Estatal Ruso de San Petersburgo make of the Costa del Sol capital a cultural reference in Spain.




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