Four tips to play golf at Costa del Sol

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Are you thinking about playing golf at Costa del Sol? If you are, we give you some tips to get a perfect game and enjoy your experience at this destination. Look at these recommendations and get ready for a journey at Costa del Golf.


When is the best time to play golf at Costa del Sol

Although the weather at Costa del Sol let you play golf along the whole year, you should know that Autumn and Spring are the seasons with more activity: if you decide to go in summer, then remember to book your game at the end of the day, when it is not too warm.


Which are the best golf courses

Before playing golf at Costa del Sol, you should know which courses fit better your necessities. Among the more than 70 courses of this touristic destination, there is a huge variety of layouts with different difficulty levels. Furthermore, most of the golf clubs offer schools with specialized teachers, who will help you to improve your technic or initiate in this amazing sport. If you travel with your family, the kids’ golf schools offer numerous leisure and sport activities.


Hotels with golf courses

If you are planning holidays to play golf and relax, Costa del Sol is the perfect destination. Most of the courses are in resorts with all kind of top services. There is nothing like starting the day with fantastic panoramic views from the balcony of your suite. 


Charming visits

Other of the essential tips for your visit to Costa del Sol is doing a tour through some of the most beautiful villages of the region. There is a wide and varied list, where you will find amazing places and a huge variety of landscapes and contrasts that will surprise you.






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