Eight ideas for spring getaways you’ll love in the Costa del Sol

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Everything is more intense in spring, including holidays. At this time of the year, our senses are heightened: you won't be able to help yourself from falling in love with the destinations in the Costa del Sol.

It's just a question of finding the right plan for the right moment. After all, there are as many types of spring getaways as travel tastes. But when the perfect plan appears, you'll know it right away. Whether you're travelling with your loved one or with friends and family, somewhere in the Costa del Sol has got the perfect experience for you and is waiting for you to come and live it. This destination may be, for example, the magical blue village in Serranía de Ronda. Or perhaps one of the most photographed places in Spain. But one thing’s for sure: there's nothing like spring in the province of Malaga's fairytale villages.

The ideas in this list will help you plan your next getaway to the Costa del Sol. Choose the one that appeals to you and find yourself having an unforgettable experience this spring.


1. Sun, sea and sand from Fuengirola to Mijas 

One of the most popular ideas for weekend getaways to the Costa del Sol is also one of the best-known: sun, sea and sand. What more could you possibly want? The weather in the province of Malaga is beautiful in spring, giving you the opportunity to explore Senda Litoral and unwind at the beach at classic destinations like Fuengirola and Mijas. Sounds irresistible, doesn't it?


2. Road trips through the most beautiful villages of the Costa del Sol 

The Costa del Sol is best explored at a leisurely pace, stopping off at different destinations to admire them and get to know the local customs and people. A great way to do this is on a road trip with your favourite people. Nerja, Ronda, Coín and Antequera are some must visits along the way.

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3. A getaway to the Costa del Golf

Nicknamed the Costa del Golf, the Costa del Sol is a destination that has it all when it comes to golf, healthy lifestyles and outdoor activities like going to the beach, hiking and cycling. The province of Malaga is home to over 70 world-class golf courses where you can enjoy playing the sport. The Estepona area has many of these.


4. Luxury shopping in Marbella and Puerto Banús 

If, for you, the idea of a getaway to the Costa del Sol must include an incredible shopping spree, Marbella, which is home to the exclusive shopping area of Puerto Banús, is the destination for you. But it's not the only place you'll love. There are plenty of other parts of the province of Malaga where you can let your love of shopping run wild while discovering local artisans, traditional fashion and handmade pieces crafted with love.


5. A trip to Bosque Encantado with the kids 

Bosque Encantado – the Enchanted Wood – in Parauta will take both you and the kids aback. It is located in inland, specifically in Serranía de Ronda. And although it does belong to this world, it seems to have been whisked away from another; one full of dreams and stories of fairies, elves and other fantastical beings. It is an incredible work of art created by Diego Guerrero, a local artist who has summoned his skills to transform a lovely woodland walk into a journey into the imagination.


6. Feria del Libro in Malaga 

Fancy soaking up a bit of culture on your spring getaway to Malaga? Make your way to Feria del Libro (Malaga book fair). This year, the event will be held from the 28 April to the 7 May. This year it will be held from the 28th April to the 7 May. The Spanish-Belgian writer Chantal Maillard, the author of works like La herida en la lengua and Matar a Platón, and winner of Premio Nacional de Poesía and Premio de la Crítica, will open this celebration of reading and writing that is set to fill plaza de La Marina with the latest books. There will be book signings and talks across the city. 

spring in malaga


7. The floral tradition of Cruces de Mayo in Vélez-Málaga 

The best spring getaways always include flowers. Add to this a tradition that you should absolutely experience, and the result is Las Cruces de Mayo y Legado de Reyes, an event taking place in Vélez-Málaga from the 20 April to 3 May. One of the highlights is the competition of the crosses made out of flowers.


8. Gastronomic experiences 

The province of Malaga serves up a boundless portfolio of flavours that are calling out to be explored. You can visit wineries to taste the province’s finest vintages as well as oil mills while enjoying olive oil tourism. And of course, there are the simple pleasures of taking a tapas tour or enjoying delicious lunches with a sea view at a traditional chiringuito. A great foodie destination. 

Now it’s time to start planning your spring getaway to the Costa del Sol. Hurry - the season won’t last forever, though we wish it would.

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