Five ways to digitalise your business and your event

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The process of digitalising your business involves a profound transformation at the heart of the organisation. Concretely, it means adopting technological tools and evolving processes such that they embrace the digital world. Many people - incorrectly - think that digitalisation simply means integrating new software or being on social media. But digital transformation is much more complex than either of these two things. If you’re interested in digitalising, and therefore optimising, your corporate events, keep reading to find out how. 


1. Adapt to the digital environment

We are currently living through an unprecedented situation that is dominated by uncertainty. A good way for companies to manage the economic crisis is to embrace digitalisation with open arms. Many employees are currently working from home and, often, the only way to reach the end customer is through online channels. So what can you do to adapt to this new digital world? There are all sorts of different tools available that transcend geographies such that you can considerably expand your target audience. It is important, however, to come up with a good communication strategy to connect with these potential customers. Some examples of online activities are web seminars, workshops, team building activities, etc. 


2. Choose the right tools 

Once you’ve embarked on the process of digitalising your business, it’s important to make sure you choose the right tools to take your events to the next level. Data plays an incredibly important role in this so ensure you have tools that enable you to organise, segment and analyse the results of your business events. If you are planning on holding online events on a regular basis, you can use platforms such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, Google Meet and Skype. And don’t forget to promote your digital event on social media. 

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3. Interact with your community 

To get the success your communication strategies set out to achieve, make sure your event has something special that makes it stand out from the crowd: an element that is interactive and dynamic, while at the same able to give you important data. Remember that digital events must be easily accessible from mobile devices, enable attendees to interact between themselves and use a great deal of audiovisual content. Send out push notifications before the event to increase the number of sign-ups. And finally, make sure the event experience is something truly unique and valuable to them. 


4. Use digital technologies at your events

In the current business climate, many companies are organising hybrid events, meaning that they combine aspects of in-person and online gatherings. That said, there are many physical events taking place, which often turn to technologies to improve the experience for attendees. For instance, NFC can be used for accreditation and gamification can add that extra bit of fun that is a great talking point. 


5. Implement new internal communication channels

A great way of keeping all your employees up-to-date, wherever they may be, is to use web seminars. It’s a good idea to add an element of gamification into your webinars to measure the knowledge your employees have acquired, make the event more dynamic and reinforce areas where they are struggling. 

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Digital transformation: an unstoppable force

Digitalising your company will take some time as it involves all aspects of your business. Nowadays, however, digital transformation is happening and it’s not going to stop. Indeed, as the years pass, the speed and depth of change will only increase. In this climate, there is no option but to adapt to this new, dynamic, demanding and - to some extent - unpredictable environment if you want your company to survive. If you need help digitalising your events, the Costa del Sol is home to the best professionals who are on hand to help you throughout your journey. So what are you waiting for? 

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