Birdwatching holidays in the province of Málaga

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If you are passionate about nature, enjoy hiking and love birds, you're in luck, because in Málaga you can find numerous activities that combine all of these elements. You can spot up to 380 different bird species in the province, making this an ideal destination for ornithological tourism. But which are the top spots for bird watching on the Costa del Sol? We know three of them.


La Laguna de Fuente de Piedra Nature Reserve

Located in the north-east of the Antequera region, the Laguna de Fuente de Piedra Nature Reserve is the largest wetland and one of the most important in Europe. Officially recognised as a Special Area for the Protection of Birds and Nature Reserve, this natural paradise is the ideal breeding site for dozens of birds, including flamingos. This species finds the food and shelter it needs here for its offspring, thanks to the shallowness of the waters.  In addition to flamingos, you can also see other birds in the reserve, such as cranes, little bustards, stone curlews or larks.


El Chorro

El Chorro is the ideal place to enjoy watching some impressive species in flight, including vultures, Bonelli's eagles or magnificent golden eagles.  The largest colony of griffon vultures in the province of Málaga is found here, as well as other endangered species such as the peregrine falcon.


El Torcal de Antequera Nature Area

This karst landscape, only 16 km from the historical town of Antequera, is a favourite destinations among fans of ornithological tourism. Vultures and other large birds of prey are also the stars of El Torcal, where you can observe nests in the crevices of the limestone formations of this impressive natural monument.



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