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If you’ve been researching new ways to optimise your marketing budget, you might have come across programmatic ad buying. In this post, we’re going to explain how the technology works and the benefits it can have on the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. Keep reading.


What is programmatic buying?

Programmatic buying automates the process of purchasing online ad spots. Your ad will then be shown on online display spaces on different websites, newspapers, blogs and more.

what is programmatic buying


What are the benefits of programmatic buying?

Programmatic buying has a number of benefits. First, the technology has greater segmentation power, thus making your campaign more precise and boosting the likelihood of your ad being seen by your target. Automating the process of purchasing ad space also prepares your ad in a question of milliseconds. Thanks to segmentation, which uses big data, you can market better to your target audience while increasing precision when creating a campaign. 

Additionally, having access to an unlimited inventory enables you to purchase any ad spot you want and thus display your ad exactly as you decide. In other words, programmatic ad buying gives you the power to connect your brand to the potential you have identified, at the time you have specified and in the geographical space that is most beneficial to you. 

Furthermore, geolocalisation - one of the most popular features of the technology - enables you to offer your product or service in a personalised way to a user who is looking for exactly what you offer. You can design different messages that will reach different segments of your audience. And thanks to online platforms, this audience can be anywhere in the world. The wide variety of formats where your ad can be displayed further increases the scope of this type of advertising. And the result of all this is that the reach of your campaigns is much broader.

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Last but by no means least, data analytics has great benefits for advertisers using programmatic buying. Measuring and monitoring data enables you to see what is working and where there is room for improvement such that you can finetune your campaign. Modifications can be made in real time and the impact of any changes is immediate. This gives you greater control over the ad and the opportunity to optimise and then optimise some more. 


Your audience sees thousands of ads a day. If you want your company to stand out in the digital sphere, it is imperative that you put together a strategy that will grab your targets’ attention. Getting your audience to know your brand and then consolidating your image is an essential part of your marketing strategy; programmatic ad buying is one of the best tools you can have in your kit. Successful tourist enterprises (hotels, destinations, like the Costa del Sol, restaurants, service companies, etc.) are already benefiting from this new way of advertising. Give it a try and see the impact it has on your brand.

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