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You’ve spent the past couple of months working flat out to make sure that everything goes exactly to plan. On the big day, everything seems to have gone well. But how can you measure, precisely, the success of your event? Keep reading to discover the main KPIs you should be taking into account when analysing the performance of your event. 

Standing for Key Performance Indicators, KPIs are metrics used to analyse the effectiveness or success of specific actions. In this post, we are going to take a look at the KPIs that are most useful when it comes to measuring the success of an event. This post-event analysis is a fundamental part of any sector professional’s routine as the key to organising a successful event lies, to a great extent, in the ability to analyse and learn from the things that went well and the things that didn’t go so well. 

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The main KPIs for events

  • Check-in: a KPI that measures the number of people who registered and actually attended the event. 
  •   Satisfaction surveys: a way to find out whether attendees enjoyed the event and gauge their satisfaction level. 
  •   Net Promoter Score (NPS): a system and indicator that measures the loyalty and satisfaction of the attendee. The NPS can be incorporated into satisfaction surveys with questions such as: on a scale of 1 to 10, would you recommend this event to other people? Respondees that score either 9 or 10 are considered “promoters”. 
  •   Interactions within the event community: if you use event software, you can measure factors such as the number of active members and the number of messages sent. 
  •   Interest in the speakers: although it is not easy to gauge the interest there is in each speaker in advance, you can measure the number of visits each profile receives in the event app or webpage. 
  •   Mentions on social media: social media is an excellent tool for measuring the impact of your event. A good way of doing so is to create a hashtag for the event and monitor it, seeing how many times it has been used by attendees. In addition, you can measure the number of followers and mentions your company receives before, during and after the event. 
  •   Registration per ticket type: some events have different types of tickets with different prices. It can be interesting to see how many registrations there are for each ticket type. 
  •   Gross and net revenue: this is an essential KPI for events. From the gross revenue you have received, you need to deduce the costs to calculate the net profits. 
  •   Sponsor satisfaction: you can put together a survey to find out whether the sponsors of the event are satisfied with the result. As this is a delicate matter, however, the best option is to get together with each of the sponsors so they can tell you how the event went for them. This will boost loyalty for the upcoming editions of your event. 
  •   Number of attendees who came back: if you have already organised previous editions of the event, you can measure the number of recurring attendees. This metric will give you an idea of the loyalty your events generate. 
  •   New clients: an essential KPI for any event. How many new clients have you acquired through the event?
  •   Cost of acquiring each client: in addition to knowing how many new clients you have gained, it is interesting to know how much time and money has been invested in acquiring each new client. 


When you are analysing the success of your event, you will probably come up with even more KPIs to analyse. The more parameters you can measure, the better. It will enable you to draw conclusions to improve the attendees’ experiences in the upcoming editions of the event or other events. If you are thinking about planning an event in the Costa del Sol, discover everything you need to know on our webpage.   

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