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Managing a business is an exciting task but is also full of challenges. Organising tasks, meetings, accounts, staff hours, cash flows… It all requires a large investment of time and money. Fortunately, technology allows us to manage all types of procedures through applications that can be handled from our devices anywhere and anytime.

If you need to organize your work, the following apps will be very useful and affordable to achieve your goals.

  1. Dropbox. Known in the digital world as a must have application, it is a tool that allows us to upload files to the cloud and share them quickly and directly. With a separate plan for business, the free version allows storage of up to 2GB. Also, you can use it from any device and its use is very simple. You can even automate the upload of photos from your smartphone.
  1. Wunderlist. This app will make it easier not only for work, but for your life. You can schedule tasks, share them with others, create a shopping list and even organise your holidays. You will get notifications about expired or pending tasks. This way, you will never miss a deadline.
  1. Evernote. This is the application par excellence for organising agendas. This tool provides the ability to synchronize all the frequently used digital devices regardless of the operating system. This way, you will always receive the reminders, regardless of the device you are working with.
  1. Nozbe. To plan and organise group projects, this is one of the most recommended apps. A tool inspired by GTD (Get Things Done), a methodology created by David Allen. This method is based on organising through the creation of lists, so that everything that we have pending is exposed in a physical place and not in our head.
  1. Trello. A free online tool to organise work and plan all tasks and milestones that we have to undertake. It is visual and flexible, allowing us both personal use at work with the GTD philosophy and the teamwork use to handle the tasks assigned to each member, seeing the total progress of the project with a generalised view.
  1. Keeper. Only available for Android, this application solves the need to keep safe the most important files. You can store your passwords, private photos and all kinds of documents safe from any computer trespasser. A free private store in the cloud that will provide the necessary security for your personal life and your business.
  1. Expensify. Business trips always seem to be a major source of expenditure. This app will allow you to make a detailed analysis of each of the tracking receipts, time and mileage done, obtaining at the end of your trip an expense report. A quick and easy way to manage daily expenses.

Here are some suggestions, but there are many more. Now you will be able work fast and efficiently on your next business trip to the Costa del Sol.



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