5 Activities to do in the Province of Malaga with Kids - Guaranteed Fun!

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The Costa del Sol offers a wide variety of charming and entertaining activities for enjoying family time, perfect for a weekend getaway, for example.

Below, we present five suggestions to maximize your trip and ensure the little ones have the utmost fun.

Don't miss the chance to create special memories with your children in our destination! Continue reading!

Explore these 5 activities to do with kids in the province of Malaga and create unforgettable memories.

If you're looking to embark on an exciting journey through the province of Malaga and discover a selection of plans for doing things with kids, you're in the right place. From outdoor adventures to cultural experiences, we showcase five plans that you will love to experience with your loved ones.

Walk through the Enchanted Forest of Parauta, a magical experience

The Enchanted Forest of Parauta is in the Serranía de Ronda Here, you can take a very special hiking trail due to its unique features. This isn't just any forest but a magical one, filled with fairies, gnomes, and all sorts of enchanted creatures that will make the little ones feel like they're in a fantasy movie.

The forest is one of the activities that attract the most families with kids. Do you dare to discover the magic within?

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Tour the Blue Village of Júzcar

Enjoy a pleasant nature walk and show the kids the importance of rural tourism. Júzcar has become a benchmark destination for those seeking to enjoy the outdoors. Its ideal location in the Genal Valley allows for a variety of activities like hiking, canyoning, zip-lining, and spelunking. A feature that will surely captivate the kids is the presence of The Smurfs. You can enjoy the blue streets characteristic of this village, where you'll find numerous graffiti, figures of the animated characters, and participate in many activities like hat making, nail painting, and face painting.

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Adventures in Bioparc: Discover the Animal World Like Never Before

Enjoy an exciting day exploring the zoo in Fuengirola: Bioparc.

You can experience natural habitats modeled after the tropical jungles of Africa and Asia, observing the typical species of flora and fauna from each area. The park houses over 600 animals from 150 different species.

Kids will have the opportunity to meet the zoo animals and experience something different from the usual. Moreover, the park is not just a place for observation but an interactive space where they can engage in educational activities, feed some animals under the supervision of expert caretakers, and learn about the importance of wildlife conservation. Will you pass up the chance to visit?

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Butterfly Park: The Museum Where Everything Is Possible

Discover a tropical oasis at the Butterfly Park in Benalmádena, where families can explore a 900 square meter glassed garden teeming with life.

Between 1,500 and 2,000 exotic butterflies flutter in this paradise, offering a unique experience. There are also birds, chameleons, turtles, fish, and a charming Tammar Wallaby.

A fascinating place you must visit!

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Aventura Amazonia: Thrills and Adrenaline Without Limits

Do you want your kids to feel thrill and adrenaline in a safe and privileged environment? We're confident that Aventura Amazonia is a great option for a family outing.

Aventura Amazonia, one of the largest adventure parks in nature on the Costa del Sol, Is located in Marbella. It features six circuits for children and adults, plus 24 zip lines and over 100 games for kids to enjoy the experience.

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Enjoy your family time with these suggested activities for kids in the province of Malaga

This concludes our overview of selected activities for kids on the Costa del Sol. As you can see, there are options for all tastes, and all are highly entertaining.

Thus, whichever you choose, you're sure to hit the mark.

Experience genuine adventures in our destination!


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