What is conference tourism and why is it so important?

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You might be wondering what conference tourism is. Or perhaps you’re already au fait and have even been on a trip that, on a good year, turns over “some 6,000 million euros” in Spain, according to figures from the latest Hosteltur report. In the Costa del Sol - one of the most popular destinations in Spain and Europe thanks to its great weather and superb infrastructure - the MICE sector closed in 2021 “with a level of activity similar to before the pandemic”. And things can only improve. In this post, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about conference tourism, why the province of Malaga is an excellent MICE destination and the importance of the sector. 


An alternative way of travelling (and getting together)

Conference and convention tourism is a form of travel that turns over huge sums of money each year. And all because it meets the needs of a growing segment of travellers: those who are attending work meetings and business events. 

what is conference and convention tourism


This economic area is known as the MICE sector, standing for Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Events. So what exactly is conference tourism? Learning and exchanging ideas and experiences are at the heart of this type of travel. 


A move away from seasonality 

Conference tourism has countless benefits. One of these is that, unlike traditional holiday tourism, it’s not seasonal. People travel for work both in the summer and winter alike, which creates a whole market that revolves around trade fairs and conferences. The Costa del Sol is home to many companies that provide services to this segment, namely DMCs, transfer companies and service providers. Conference tourism activates the economy in general while tightening the relationship between the destination and its technological development. 

Malaga is therefore considered one of the most attractive cities in Europe for tech companies. The presence of a highly competitive MICE sector paired with an extensive range of event venues forms an unparalleled backdrop for forward-thinking companies.  


Networking and business trips 

conference and convention tourism


Trade fairs, conferences, business events and incentive trips present the ideal opportunity to do some networking as well as learn new things and share knowledge. If this sounds like how you enjoy spending your time, MICE tourism is for you. 


So now you know a little bit more about conference tourism, it’s time to check out what’s on in the Costa del Sol and perhaps even start planning a conference in our unique destination. What are you waiting for? Browse incredible venues that are designed to meet the needs of the MICE sector.

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