Virtual Reality Events: what does technology have in store for us over the next few years?

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Technology is advancing at a dizzying rate. And, of course, the advances have reached the event sector! Do you want to learn about the new things arriving in the MICE world (technology speaking) over the next few years, or how event organisers can benefit from these advances? Here’s everything you need to know about virtual reality events. 

Have you ever imagined being able to experience a different world through goggles? And diving into it as if it were real? This exists and it has a name: virtual reality. And when this new virtual reality applies to the world of events, the results can be extraordinary. The reason? It’s simple: virtual reality events open the doors to a universe of possibilities.


A Technology on the Rise

Apart from its potential impact on conferences and conventions, virtual reality is a technology on the rise and it’s present in more spaces than we think. From the entertainment industry to the health or education sectors, the applications are widespread. And it’s not in vain; this three dimensional combination of objects and scenarios created generates a sensation of true immersion in the user through special goggles. And keep in mind that with virtual reality events, its versatility is infinite and working on participation and UX is key. Therefore, features, benefits and applications such as the following present unlimited potential for the MICE segment.

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Four Possibilities of Virtual Reality Events 


 1. From Spectators to Stars 

Any event, convention, conference, fair or exposition can be enriched by technology. And we’re not just talking about conventional technology solutions. Virtual reality events offer more versatile and different user experiences. Providing headphones to listen to other languages is powerful, but what about diving right into said power through virtual reality? It’s a completely enriching experience created personally for each user; personalised experiences for specific audiences or groups can be created, making participants the true stars of the event. 


2. Increase Participation & Interaction

Live virtual reality events can also be the perfect bridge between classic events and hybrid or online events. The reason for this is that the window for participation and interaction opened by virtual reality is the perfect framework to do the transition from the morning’s events  without detracting one iota from the content. This piece of virtual reality is also adaptable to the phases of event marketing and communication. Today it’s possible to communicate and promote certain acts through immersive experiences. 


3. Atracción de un público tecnológicamente activo

The inclusion of new virtual reality technologies in the MICE sector can help open the market to a certain type of festivals, conferences and speakers with younger attendees (called “digital natives”). Innovation is part of the future, as evidenced by new technological experiences such as event gamification.

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4. The Rise of Experiential Marketing 

The use of virtual reality at events allows for experience marketing actions. This is key to improving the brand’s positioning in the mind of the consumer and reinforcing the memory of the company with event’s attendants. Let's think like the customer: between two companies offering the same type of product or service, the customer will always prefer the one that stands out, captures their attention and offers them a 100% personalised and unforgettable experience, where he is the centre of attention. In this sense, marketing uses all kinds of olfactory, sound or visual reminders to attract customers. The scent that characterises certain shops, the colours with which we associate certain brands, or CDs or Spotify playlists created by hotels, cafés or restaurants are all examples of ths. Experiential marketing today combines offline and online resources to build complete and truly unique experiences for your customers.


Metaverse Opportunities in the MICE Sector

In addition, in the era where digitalisation of all kinds of experiences is already a reality, the metaverse is the natural next step to human interaction. That’s why it makes sense to assume that there’s not much time left until we start using the metaverse for meetings or corporate events. 

the future of virtual reality



Make the Most of the MICE Sector in Costa del Sol

As you can see, there is no shortage of advantages for virtual reality events. If we add this to the possibility of complementing this fascinating environment with the opportunities created by 3D screens, holograms or interactive floors and screens, we already have more than enough keys to reinvent the events of the future. If you are thinking of a place where you can find all this technology, fused with tradition and experience in the MICE sector, Costa del Sol is the place for you. The Malaga province is recognised as one of the places in Spain with the best positioning in the MICE sector; its great infrastructure for events and its hotels, together with its high cultural, gastronomic and leisure offerings, make this corner of the south an unbeatable place for conference tourism lovers.

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