Virtual reality in the events industry is an absolute must

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Have you ever thought what it would be like to experience a different world through a headset? Immersing yourself in that world as if it were real? Well, as futuristic as it seems, you already can with virtual reality. Introducing virtual reality into the world of events gives some extraordinary results. And it’s not hard to see why: virtual reality opens the door to new universes just waiting to be explored, universes offering all sorts of possibilities, including respecting social distancing guidelines without negatively impacting the user’s experience of the event. In this post, we’re going to look at how the virtual world will define the future and benefit the MICE sector. Keep reading to delve deep into this new and fascinating technology.


Technology on the up

Though at the beginning of its potential in the congress and conference sector, virtual reality is a technology on the up and is currently used more commonly than we may think. From the entertainment industry - videogames, in particular - to education, its applications are as wide as they are diverse. Computer-generated environments and objects immerse users in a three-dimensional world that is extremely realistic, making users feel like they are really there. The value of virtual reality resides in elevating the user’s participation through special headsets. And given that the event sector comprises all sorts of different topics, working on participation and user experience is key. Virtual reality can become the way to guarantee the safety and quality of future events. The characteristics, advantages and applications of virtual reality in the MICE sector are therefore boundless. 


Four advantages (and opportunities) of virtual reality in events

1.More immersive user experiences

Any event, convention, congress, trade fair or exposition can be enriched by technology. And we’re not only talking about conventional technological solutions. Events with virtual reality lend themselves to more diverse and versatile user experiences. Having headsets that enable you to listen in another language is certainly enriching, but ‘taking a preliminary walk’ before the talk through virtual reality is a whole new level. An enriching experience that can be designed and tailored to each user: experiences can be created for certain groups or people depending on the occasion, which will pique their interest. 

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2. Increased participation and interaction

What’s more, virtual reality events can act as the bridge between classic events and online or hybrid events. The participation and interaction incited by virtual reality forms the perfect foundation for the transition towards the events of the future, without forgoing any of the value of the content. This side of virtual reality can also be extended to the marketing of events. Nowadays, certain events can be promoted through immersive experiences. It’s not all about social media! 

3. A young and more technological crowd 

Although the geography and demographics of the MICE sector is in a constant state of flux, there is no denying that the conference sector continues to be viewed as an old-fashioned and conservative segment by many. Integrating new technologies and virtual reality into events can help open up talks, trade fairs and conventions to a younger market. The future is all about seeking out the new, as gamification at events has proven. 

4. An additional COVID-19 safety measure

And, of course, in these times of constant change and monitoring of public health, virtual reality can help keep attendees safe at events. Showing attendees multi-dimensional and immersive content through a special headset can help reinforce social distancing guidelines and thus contribute to reducing the number of infections. In turn, this has a positive impact on reducing costs. After all, if we have learnt something from the coronavirus pandemic it’s that investing in health, ventilations, disinfecting gels and safety in general comes at quite a cost. 


Discover the possibilities of the MICE sector in the Costa del Sol 

As you can see, there are no lack of advantages of virtual reality at events. 3D screens, holograms and interactive floors and screens can be added to this technology, fully reinventing the look and feel of the events of the future. If you are looking for a place where all these technologies blend with age-old traditions, look no further than the Costa del Sol. The province of Malaga has a reputation as being one of the best prepared areas in Spain for the MICE sector. With an extensive event and hotel infrastructure, paired with plenty of culture, gastronomy and experiences, this corner of southern Spain is the place to hold your conference or event

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