Sustainable events: how to plan one and why it’s important

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In a world increasingly aware of how important it is to protect the environment, the business sector has taken on a crucial role in adopting more responsible practices. One of the fundamental aspects of this process is organising events that are sustainable through minimising their social and environmental impact. By focusing on sustainability, the Costa del Sol positions itself as a responsible and conscientious destination, and therefore attracts tourists who are more committed to this approach to tourism. What is a sustainable event and how can you measure its impact? Below we explore the keys to incorporating sustainability into your business vision and we introduce some vital tools you can use to measure the impact your event has.


What is a sustainable event?

A sustainable event is organised with environmental sustainability, social and economic principles in mind. It involves taking measures to reduce the consumption of natural resources, minimise the amount of waste and pollutants produced, and promote inclusion and social equality, all while guaranteeing the event’s economic viability. 


How do you organise a sustainable event?

The Costa del Sol is a leading destination in organising sustainable events thanks to its focus on protecting the environment and promoting responsible practices. The province of Malaga offers a wide range of infrastructure and services that can easily adapt to the requirements of a sustainable event. The region has modern conference centres, hotels and open-air venues that can host events of all different sizes. What’s more, there are local companies and providers committed to sustainability that offer environmentally-friendly solutions, like the use of recycled materials, waste management carried out correctly, and the promotion of local and sustainable products. Read on to find out the keys to making your event sustainable.    


Conscious planning

Right from the initial planning stages, it’s important to consider sustainability as a central element. This implies establishing clear targets and objectives that guide decisions towards responsible practices.


Sustainable providers

Working with providers committed to sustainability is key. Opt for those that use renewable energy, implement energy-efficient measures, promote the circular economy and encourage equality in the workplace. In the Costa del Sol, there are so many sustainable event companies you can partner with.

sustainable event


Efficient resource management

Try to minimise your water, energy and material consumption at every stage of the event. Use eco-efficient technology, like energy-saving LED lighting and smart waste management systems. 


Sustainable transportation and accommodation

Promote the use of public transport and provide sustainable transport for attendees. It’s also vital that the event and the accommodation where people stay are located in well-connected accessible places. In the Costa del Sol, there’s a wide range of accommodation, in eco-friendly boutique and eco-craft hotels whose philosophy goes hand in hand with respecting and connecting to nature, making it easy for both individuals and companies when it comes to travelling sustainably.


Responsible eating

Offer guests healthy, seasonal and local meals. Giving preference to organic products and reducing food waste through proper planning, as well as donating surplus food to charities is a must. Brand Sabor a Málaga, for example, features local products from the province, comprising producers, distributors and restaurateurs.


How do you measure the impact of a sustainable event?

Measuring the impact of a sustainable event is essential to evaluating its success and ensuring improvements continue into the future. Here we offer you some useful tools that can help you with the process:  


Carbon footprint

Measure greenhouse gas emissions produced by your event, including energy consumed, transport taken and waste management. On the Costa del Sol website you can find a carbon footprint calculator that makes this task much easier. With this, at Turismo Costa del Sol we’ve been able to significantly reduce our CO2 emissions and offset the emissions we can’t avoid generating. The way we do this is through reforestation in our province, supporting research into the conservation and improvement of our seabeds and ecosystems, and taking part in projects to reduce our environmental footprint.

how to plan a sustainable event


Life cycle assessment

Analyse the environmental impact of every stage of your event, from the production of materials at the start to disposing of waste at the end. This evaluation allows you to identify the areas for improvement and how you can optimise work processes.


Satisfaction surveys

Compile opinions from attendees to evaluate the experience of the event in terms of sustainability. Get feedback on waste management, social inclusion and sustainable transport options.  


Social impact indicators

Measure the positive social impact produced by the event, like the creation of local employment, promoting diversity and inclusion, and contributing to community projects.

Ideas for team building experiences and sustainable events are practically endless, and fortunately, due to the choice of natural settings available, the large selection of spaces and venues, and the great weather, the Costa del Sol is the perfect stage to make these ideas a reality. Would you like to organise your next sustainable event in the Costa del Sol? Visit the Costa del Sol Málaga Convention Bureau website and find resources and partners that’ll come in handy when it comes to planning your sustainable event that’s sure to be a success.

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