Speed networking: the corporate event format everyone loves

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You might have heard of speed dating: a popular way of getting to know people who are looking, like you, for a romantic relationship. The idea behind the method is that you only need seven minutes to find out whether you’re on the same wavelength as somebody. Translated to the professional sphere, this format has proven to be incredibly effective in corporate events, enabling participants to increase their contacts with providers (services and products) and potential clients. Known as speed networking, this event format comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, though all have one focus: to accelerate your business contacts. Keep reading to find out more about this popular way of meeting people who could be crucial to your business.

What is speed networking?

Speed networking is a marketing technique that puts companies in contact with new potential clients. Falling under the category of strategic networking, the format does not require intermediaries to put two people together and is limited to a specific time frame. You will have just a couple of minutes to introduce yourself and explain what it is that you can do to help your new contact. 

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Types of speed networking event


Speed networking

Short meetings between two people in which both have two minutes to speak (or the time stipulated by the organiser). After this time, the whistle blows and the participants switch places to meet somebody new. During their time together, the participants exchange business cards, talk about their products or services and, sometimes, reach business deals. The event ends when all participants have met each other.

Bilateral meetings

Meetings between two people that last about half an hour. They are generally arranged in advance, normally through an online platform.

Business pitching

Presentations given by participants explaining what it is their business does. Slides, videos and more are common presentation formats. A time limit for the pitch is usually set. The pitches can easily be extrapolated online, using social media sites such as LinkedIn, which enable businesses to send their pitches to contacts of interest.

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Benefits of speed networking

  • Help increase your number of business contacts
  • Meet businesses working in the same or different sectors who could become potential providers
  • Create synergies, generating new opportunities through collaboration
  • Save time and money spent on travel and publicity, as you will meet a large number of entrepreneurs in one day.

Speed networking meetings are quick: you therefore need to provide all the information about your business clearly and concisely. Make sure you have planned and practised your speech in advance to make sure it fits within the allotted time frame. 

Benefits speed networking

In Malaga and the Costa del Sol, speed networking is an increasingly popular format, in both small and large-scale events. These events tend to be organised by business associations, though they can also be planned by companies of any size. Find out everything you need to know about holding a speed networking event in the province of Malaga, in line with all safety measures, on the Costa del Sol Convention Bureau webpage.   

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